《Kutsuu's P.O.V.》

I ran through the streets with Batos, heading to Aohana's location. I almost tripped over a rock but continued running. We soon found the sixteen साल old, navy haired, gray eyed, girl. She was on the ground, choking. "What happened to her, Batos?" "She ate one of the Forbidden Seeds!" I asked, "Why?" I kneeled to help her. "I don't know, she just ate it!" I picked her up and stood behind her, doing the Heimlich Maneuver. The seed flew out of her mouth. She coughed. I asked, "Why did आप try to digest a Forbidden Seed, Aohana?" She said, "I wanted to see her again..." Her mother, Akatori, had been killed द्वारा a falling rail. It had crushed her neck. The Forbidden Seed latched itself in one's throat and grew in size. It scratched the inside of your throat and released a toxin that paralyzed आप before it exploded five सेकंड्स later. "I know, we all miss Akatori, but she wouldn't want आप to do that to yourself just to see her. She would want आप to live your life to the fullest." "Look who's talking! आप couldn't care less about life if आप wanted to! आप hate almost everybody and you've been failing in class, except for science and chemistry." "Shut up, Aohana! Only your mother died! My only relatives were killed, and it wasn't an accident!" "Your aunt wasn't murdered! She just got sick and died. She probably got sick because of you, Himura!" Batos said, "Stop it! Fighting helps nothing. We miss them all. Let's go back, now, it's getting dark."

I walked into the house and shut the door. Was Hana right? That I couldn't care less? I grabbed the dagger from my तालिका, टेबल and looked at it. I put it up to my chest and pushed in. It didn't go in far, just a little bit. I winced and pushed it in farther. Blood pooled out and I soon passed out.

《Ed's P.O.V.》

Al and I were about to go into the hotel when we heard a shout. "Kutsuu! Kutsuu!" A girl with navy hair and fear in her gray eyes shouted the name. A boy was holding Kutsuu, the girl from earlier, and there were blood-soaked bandages around her chest. A man कहा something to him and they ran off. Al said, "I wonder what happened to her. Let's go see, Brother." I replied, "Even if we did, we probably couldn't see her anyways. Besides, she didn't like us." "Well, we can at least check in the morning." "Fine." We went into our room and I soon fell asleep.

I hope आप like my story so far. It will get better. :)