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फ्रोज़न (2013)
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This फ्रोज़न चित्र might contain kirtle and कीर्टल.

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This लेख was written द्वारा फैन्पॉप guest contributor Kailyn T.

One of the most memorable features of Disney’s hit film फ्रोज़न is its soundtrack. It’s no surprise that plans have been confirmed to turn फ्रोज़न into a Broadway play - it feels like that’s exactly what you’re watching anyway, especially considering that it featured the vocal talents of such Broadway प्रिय as Idina Menzel (Rent, Wicked) and Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening). गाना right alongside them are Kristen Bell, Santino Fontana, and Maia Wilson.

Here, we rank Frozen’s vocal numbers from worst to best. See...
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