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फ्रोज़न Fever (2015)
फ्रोज़न फीवर
animated short
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Do आप have a Sister? Are आप just like her? Well Anna and Elsa may seem different, but they really aren't. Anna is funny, loving, clumsy, and chocolate-loving. Elsa is funny, kind, shy, and chocolate-loving. Do आप see any similarities? Throughout the movie, Anna is trying to connect with Elsa. Anna is trying to find प्यार and Elsa wants to प्यार her sister. During the coronation, we get a glimpse of just how close they really are. The smile and laugh at the duke and I'm sure they ate चॉकलेट at some point. The only reason Anna chases after Elsa is because she loves her and the only reason Elsa is running away is because Elsa loves Anna. They have similar facial expressions and in the end we really get to see how they click. This is why Anna and Elsa are such good role मॉडेल for sisters.
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