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I never really liked this ship, which is why I've happily ignored it for months, and successfully have done so until recently. I've seen several प्रशंसकों rumoring how Jelsa "has" to happen in फ्रोज़न 2. They even started a FUCKING PETITION to put Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians in फ्रोज़न 2.

I am fine with crossover shipping with डिज़्नी and Dreamworks, I even ship Elsa with Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon. It's true I have many issues with this ship, but I don't care if आप ship Jelsa.

But just because a ship becomes popular, does not mean it will happen.

I could see a डिज़्नी character playing a cameo in other डिज़्नी movies, as it has happened many times before. But Jack Frost isn't even डिज़्नी and प्रशंसकों want him to have a HUGE role in the upcoming movie.

I'm sorry, I know this has been कहा before, but the fact they are two different companies already makes it unlikely. But डिज़्नी and Dreamworks? I'm sorry, dream all आप want but डिज़्नी and Dreamworks wil never team up. Ever. Period.

"But winterspirit! So many people प्यार Jelsa! डिज़्नी would make so much money!"

This is literally the best reason I've heard, but unfortunately I would have to disagree.

Yes, while Jelsa has many fans, lately it has gained a lot of haters. This means फ्रोज़न would lose a lot of supporters and the only people really who would want to watch it would be Jelsa fans.

That means less money.

Plus, डिज़्नी would be using a Dreamworks character, which means Dreamworks will want money too. So really, they wouldn't be making much money.

"But Both Jack and Elsa should team up! Both have ice powers! They could help each other out!"

What the hell is Anna for then? Am I the only one who thinks Jennifer Lee will not replace the sisterly relationship in the movie with a प्यार interest?

Even if Elsa does get a प्यार interest, I think the main relationship in the movie will be Anna and Elsa's. That was the relationship everyone liked, I don't think they're going to ruin it with a प्यार interest.

 Who would ruin a cute, sisterly relationship.?
Who would ruin a cute, sisterly relationship.?

I'm sorry, but if डिज़्नी is smart they won't use Jack Frost in फ्रोज़न 2.
 It just gives me a headache.
It just gives me a headache.
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