Kevin Michael Richardson as Marshmallow: He is now King of the Snowmen of Elsa's Ice Palace after he crowned himself. When he met Elsa again he returned the crown back to her before returning to Arendelle together. He became और friendly to Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and the citizens of Arendelle as it's guardian and protector.

Josh Groban as Dylan the Snow King: A handsome prince who has the same powers as Elsa and knowshow to control. He is also the प्यार interest of Elsa.

Jeff Bennett as Yury: A tall skinny snowman who Dylan created. He has long skinny arms made of snow with ice fingers like marshmallow, मार्शमॉलो and snowy legs.

Jean Reno as Jocques: A friendly Yeti

Ron Perlman as Leahvok: The false main antagonist. He's Dylan's evil uncle who took over his brothers kingdom with Dark Magic.

Bradley Cooper as Yosef

Billy Zane as the Sorcerer of Frost
: The true main antagonist, as revealed in the prequel.
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