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फ्रेंड्स msmojo's चोटी, शीर्ष ten funniest moments for every character| your प्रिय ? [#1]

16 fans picked:
ross ▶ PIVOT!
rachel ▶ her introduction
phoebe ▶ smelly cat
chandler ▶ phoebe vs chandler
monica ▶ erogenous zones
joey ▶ "how आप doin' ?"
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 Nicolas97 posted ·7महीने पहले
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Katy9555 picked chandler ▶ phoebe vs chandler:
They were very funny together! :)
posted ·7महीने पहले.
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Mongoose09 picked ross ▶ PIVOT!:
Iconic. Ross is my least fav character but these polls made me realise how many funny moments he has, I think it's mainly because of David Schwimmer's comedic timing which is always on point.

+ erogenous zones & smelly cat.
posted ·7महीने पहले.
last edited ·7महीने पहले
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Nicolas97 picked phoebe ▶ smelly cat:
smelly cat <3333
phoebe vs chandler <333
how you doing? <3
erogenous zones <3
rachel's introduction
posted ·7महीने पहले.
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makintosh picked phoebe ▶ smelly cat:
epic 😎
posted ·7महीने पहले.
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simrananime picked ross ▶ PIVOT!:
idk why but ross always have best lines also phoebs smelly cat
posted ·7महीने पहले.
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tutiegal picked rachel ▶ her introduction:
Only picked this because its the beginning of the entire thing. The start of all the other funny moments.
posted ·7महीने पहले.