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Friday Night Lights on NBC


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Imzadia13 said:
I LOVE Friday Night Lights! It's one of my top 3 favorite TV shows. I loved it immediately because it was so 'relatable' for me since my hubby and I grew up in a small Louisiana town. Our high school mascot was the Panthers, my high school sweetheart (hubby of 38 yrs.) was the Quarterback of our football team, my mother suffered from Alzheimer's and died 3 yrs. ago from complications of it, our middle daughter was rendered a paraplegic in a car accident 17 yrs. ago. So, the emotional traumas and struggles that were introduced in the very first episode, hit home with me. A couple of episodes dealt with the emotional trauma of being under duress from racial prejudice and discrimination. I've personally experienced that. In every episode, they've given me some reason to shed a tear. Therefore, I've been emotionally invested in this series ever since it began. They've never disappointed me.
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