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Through out Sonic history Shadow the hedgehog and Amy Rose the hedgehog have always been फ्रेंड्स not a couple, though some Sonic couple प्रशंसक groups like: TailsxCream (Team/Cails,) SonicxAmy (Sonamy) या even SilverxBlaze (Silvaze) etc, someone liked the couple ShadowxAmy (Shadamy) forwarding it world wide for Shadow and Amy crazed प्रशंसकों to enjoy.

Youtube, गूगल images, फैन्पॉप etc, all in some way give Shadamy प्रशंसकों access to Shadamy things.

Artists such as Jazzybreal used to draw Shadamy related artwork one of Jazzy's peices include the banner of my फैन्पॉप site
(Forbidden love....Shadamy/seen above...
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