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posted by Fnaffangirl1
Alice sung her song as she sat alone द्वारा the river.
Bendy walked up to her.
"H-hey Alice," Bendy stuttered."hey Bendy!"Alice announced.
"What are आप doing right now?" Bendy asked."nothing..."Alice looked at Bendy suspiciously.He was blushing so hard it looked as if he wasnt a black and white cartoon."do u wanna go on a तारीख, दिनांक with me?" alice smiled when bendy कहा that.she stood and kissed his cheek."meet ya at 6."she walked away.Bendy fainted in happiness.He had finally found love.
Alice giggled as she walked away.
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posted by Fnaffangirl1
The children start to roam and play,
They do not know what happened that day,
For if they could know the truth,
They'd know the monster is in the suit,
Those kids that i lured away,
They will never see the day,
I told the police all those lies,
Just to be in this disguise,
It went from 5 to 10,15,
They all knew this was mean,
I had no choice to do these things
I broke their hearts and all the rings,
I hid from them in the suit
After that i didnt know what to do,
I admit,they are fully capable,
I admit,what i did was unforgivable
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We interupt your program for some दिल braking news.Yesterday afternoon,5 kids went missing at Freddy Fazbear's पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा Place,a new family friendly restaurant.The parents of these children are very worried.They are not able to tell us the children's names,but they told us some things about them.Apparently every child was dressed as one animatronic,their favorite.I interviewed a child that saw the children before they disapeared.
"The last I saw them,they were with a strange looking man."she said."He was purple....hair,clothes....even his skin was purple!"
Everyone is hoping the best for these children.Their parents hope they get घर safely and that they are not injured....or worse.
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