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Opinion by MrsPattinsonXO posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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'"No Albi, आप didn't kill me. आप just left me very badly burnt and disfigured", laughed the boy'. Well there was definitely plenty of laughing last night, when I was privileged enough to attend a Flight of the Concords concert.
The दिखाना was being held as a fundraiser for Jemaine's former school, Makoura College, as a falling roll may cause it to close. The Concords raised over $70,000 for the school.
I was so thrilled when they played Albi the Racist Dragon, which is without a doubt one of my प्रिय Concord's songs.
All up it was a wonderful night shared with my फ्रेंड्स Lizzy, Peter, Conner and Louis.
Opinion by twolittlemice posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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If anyone watches SportsCenter, they might have noticed that the anchors have been quoting the दिखाना quite often now, calling Justin Mourneau "the Hiphopopotamus," proclaming that it's "Business time" and most recently that the umpire tells Ozzie Guillen to "be और constructive with your feedback" before ejecting him.
This pattern can be taken as a sign that Flight of the Conchords are subtly seeping into the collective pop culture subconscious. To be constantly referenced on such a mainstream stage is a dangerous line, that if crossed could make them in fact too popular. Before आप know it, the same people who like Mind of Mencia are talking about the Tape of Love.
This is unlikely though, as the stlye of Flight is in some ways too low key to attract any kind of idiot mass audience. Just enough of a fanbase (makes it sound bigger, put base on the end of it) to renew it for a सेकंड season will benefit the दिखाना best.