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जवाब to सवालों from Val Black:
1: My फर color is dark brown color just like my hair color in human form.
2: Jacob Black has always been my प्रिय after Breaking Dawn were he left his own pack bravly and head strong to make his own pack. Jacob's attatuide is kinda inspercational to me. ^^'
3: I used to type प्रशंसक fiction that when I first became a werewolf that I चुरा लिया Jacob's heart, so yeah Jacob Black.
Other Facts: Flana was abandoned when she was a little girl and adopted द्वारा a single woman names Sydney. She first finds out shes a werewolf when she loses her temper when a bully dumps...
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posted by jacobwerewolf1
हे आप guys, this is Val Black and I want to know about your inner wolf. Some people- like me- actually take being a भेड़िया seriously and others just do this because they want some action in their boring life. Does your फर color resemble anything to आप या just make आप look awesome या cool? Which werewolf in Twilight do आप like the most? Which werewolf in Twilight would आप like to be फ्रेंड्स with या date? My जवाब are at the bottom in the टिप्पणियाँ section, if आप want और या for me to answer any सवालों then आप can tell me on fanpop, my यूज़रनाम is jacobwerewolf1 and I can reply to आप या post a answer on here. Your choice. Oh, and my last question- if आप are a girl- do आप want to spend the rest of your life with Jacob Black. Think through this सवाल before answering. Please answer all of these four questions. Thanks!
Val Black
Okay, so how many times have आप went on a प्रशंसक blog for Taylor Lautner (or Rob) and all these obbessed प्रशंसकों say that they met him (or the other him) somewhere like on an airplane, या at a movie theater, या at a baseball game या at a place where they autograph stuff and then Taylor (or Rob) कहा 'Bye cutie' या "Give me a call' या that he wants to hang out with them some time? OMG! Girls, he's cute and everything but don't lie and say that आप have his phone number and ई मेल address and that आप go over to his house almost every weekend! And don't आप just hate it when they act like they're Taylor...
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