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posted by cutemangle
When I was playing fnaf 4, I was relaxed on 12 am but I heard footsteps so went to one door but I saw nothing so I looked at the other one and I saw nightmare bonnie at the door so I closed it and when I let go he was gone so I went to the closet and I saw nightmare bb so I closed the door when I opened it nightmare puppet jumps cared me and I had a दिल attack and I fell off my chair and I did not realise I was recording for my YouTube video and I fell on my cat. So embarrassing! So that was my first time playing it. I was paralized on the अगला दिन I was trembling!
आप see I'm not hating on the game, but I am at the same time Everything wrong with it is:

- It wasn't even Scary.

- Freddy mentions the flipside and dosn't tell what it is.

-Most of the enimes had nothing to do with the game at all या were JUST ADDED in that game.

-No Nightmare Mangle Yet

-Balloon Boy- Everyone's FAVORITE!

-And आप can end the universe with two Freddy's and आप win cause आप kill everything द्वारा doing this which I guess basically means Freddy's the Strongest being in the game which i kinda get.

But here my सवाल to Scott Cawthon:


But its your opinion on the game so yeah.
What can I say? These games are polarizing. On one hand we have the die-hard प्रशंसकों who praise the games and fill the internet with their प्रशंसक कला and fan-games. On the other hand we have the haters who claim the games are terrible and cash-ins and simply aren’t scary.

I do not consider myself to have nerves of steel. I wouldn’t say I’m cowardly या that I scare easily, but I’m not stupid enough to try and claim that I can’t be scared. When I saw a new game on Markiplier’s channel called “Five Nights at Freddy’s” where he called the game “SCARIEST GAME IN AGES” I was skeptical....
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These are just some things I noticed about the FNAF 3 trailer, these aren't confirmed facts.

Could Shadow Bonnie be Golden Bonnie?

All of us FNAF प्रशंसकों know there's going to be a third game, and in the trailer there seems to be Golden Freddy, but as Bonnie. After watching this, I couldn't get this out of my head. I soon realized the similarities between Golden and Shadow Bonnie. आप see, the eyes of Shadow Bonnie are bigger than the other animatronic eyes, and the eyes of Golden Bonnie are और exposed than they should be. Adding to that, the teeth are extremely similar. If आप notice any more, please add them in the comments. Thanks for reading!
posted by Jiahawesome64
There is a lot of suspects of murder some people say it's the phone guy and some people think it's you. I didn't find information that the phone guy is the murder. BUT I know here died in number 1 and somehow spawned back या Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was first and number 1 was after but that makes no sense because how can old Freddy,Bonnie and Chica just become new unless the did a big project to make them. So there is a lot of mystery's in Five Nights at Freddy's but let's go on what we were talking about before. I think it's आप because sometimes in Five Nights at Freddy's 1 it say's IT'S...
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