Tifa Lockhart, the brunette childhood
friend of बादल Strife, was travelling on
her bike through the deserted
moonlight washed streets of the town
almost at midnight.
It has been quite some time since
Sephiroth’s defeat, and now they were
at peace, although different challenges
kept coming.
Suddenly Tifa slowed down as she
noticed a girl waving at her from the
pavement on the side. Tifa stopped
her bike as she reached close to her,
then lifted the glass of her helmet.
“Hey, can आप please tell me where
the nearest guest house is?” the girl
smiled at Tifa.
“Just a few kilometers down the
way.” Tifa replied.
“Ok. Thank you.” The girl replied.
“I can drop आप if आप want me to.”
Chirped Tifa.
“No, its allright. Thanks for the offer.”
The girl smiled.
द्वारा this time, Tifa has studied the girl.
She had mid length black hair, dusky
complexion and dark brown eyes. She
was carrying a big mauve back pack.
“Ok.” Tifa कहा before sliding down
her हेलमेट glass and restarting the
It has been ten मिनटों since, when
Tifa came out of a late night
restaurant with a खाना parcel packet
in her hand. Suddenly, a bike passed
द्वारा her in high speed as two boys on
the bike laughed mockingly. Tifa
gasped as she noticed the familiar
mauve bag of the girl she had just met
a few मिनटों back.
Sensing danger, she hopped onto her
bike and went back the way to where
she had met her.
As she was passing, her eyes widened
to see the body of the certain person
lying on the pavement. She stopped
the bike before getting off and running
to her. She gasped as she knelt down
beside the now unconscious body of
the girl. There was a fresh slit over her
कॉलर bone as blood trickles down her
neck. Her कमीज, शर्ट was partly torn apart,
which proved that she was assaulted.
“Now what do I do?” Tifa thought,
worry covering her face.
At that moment, another bike stopped
just near Tifa’s bike as she looked
back. The man on the bike took off
his हेलमेट to reveal his long red hair
that was tied into a pony. He got off
from the bike and walked up to her.
“Reno! Thank goodness!” Tifa sighed
Reno smirked. “Looks like someone
needs help yo!”
The girl is lying on a बिस्तर in Tifa’s
room still unconscious. Tifa is sitting
beside her on the adjacent bed, while
Reno is looking at the girl standing at
the side. The wound at her कॉलर one
was covered द्वारा a bandage and the
blanket was pulled over her.
The door of the room clicked open as
Tifa looked back to see बादल enter.
“Cloud, you’re back.” She said.
“Yeah. Marlene told me that you’ve
brought someone home.” Replied
Reno smirked as Tifa shoved her head
towards the girl lying down. Cloud
walked upto her and looked at the
“Who is she?” बादल asked a bit
Reno chuckled. “She’s pretty, isn’t
The girl slowly opened her eyes and
stirred in the bed. Their eyes were
fixed on her. As soon as she realized
the situation around, she jumped up
on the बिस्तर and immediately winced in
pain pressing her hand over the
wound on her कॉलर bone.
Tifa softly gasped. “Careful, you’re
The girl looked at her surprised.
“It’s you?” She smiled sighing relief.
Tifa smiled back at her. “Hey, I’m
Tifa Lockhart.
The girl also smiled and reached out
her hand as they shook hands.
“My name is Rune.” She replied.
“Nice to meet you.”
Tifa smiled and looked up at her
comrades. Rune also looked at them.
“They’re my friends. This is बादल and
that’s Reno.” Tifa said.
Reno smirked at Rune. “Hello
Rune blushed at that and somehow
managed to smile.
“Hey, nice to meet आप all… and…
thank आप for your help.” Rune said
before looking at Tifa. “I think I
should get going now.”
Tifa looked at her surprised.
“What?... now?”
“It’s midnight babe, it isn’t सुरक्षित to go
out now yo.” कहा Reno.
“Where exactly do आप have to go?”
asked Tifa. “I hope आप don’t mind
me asking you.”
“Well, I’m looking for a guest house.”
Replied Rune.
“We can help आप if आप ask.” Said
“I’m looking for a job.” Replied Rune.
“Didn’t आप plan before coming
here?” asked Cloud.
Rune looked a little depressed. “No,
… not exactly… It happened all of a
Tifa understood. “It’s ok. आप can
stay here for the night then.” She said.
“I…. I think I better get going…”
Rune कहा before removing the
blanket from over her and getting
down from the bed.
As soon as she tried to stand, she lost
her balance and fell with a shriek,
when बादल caught her.
“I…I… am s…sorry…” she stuttered
as tears trailed down her cheeks.
“W…why can’t …I forget… my past?”
she stuttered in a low voice that
didn’t go unheard द्वारा the others.
बादल was stunned for a moment as
Rune sobbed hiding her face in
Cloud’s chest, standing on support in
his arms, clutching his जैकेट tightly.
After sometime, Rune’s sobbing
stopped as her clutch loosened. Cloud
carefully put her on the बिस्तर and laid
her down.
“Seems like she found comfort in
Cloud’s arms.” कहा Tifa looking at
her pityfully. “It seems like she has a
bad past.”
बादल stared at Rune thoughtfully for
some time before gently pulling the
blanket over her.
“I think we can check her for some
time and let her stay with us. What
say Cloud?” Reno asked with unusual
“That would be good” कहा Tifa. “She
seems nice to me. She can also get a
job here.”
“We can decide on that द्वारा time.”
बादल replied. “For now, she can’t go
anywhere, so we have to keep her
Then बादल turned and walked out of
the room. Reno followed.
“G’night Tifa. Take good care of this
pretty lady.” Reno कहा smirking.
“Yeah. I will. Good night.” Tifa
Reno left the room and closed the
door. Tifa turned off the light and lied
down on her बिस्तर that was adjacent to
Tifa is working in the रसोई, रसोईघर while
Marlene is standing beside the
counter and talking to her.
“Is Rune still sleeping?” asked
“I think so dear.” Tifa replied.
“She’s really so nice. She knows so
many games!” chirped Marlene.
“I know Marlene.” कहा Tifa. “You
sure do enjoy with her.”
“I’ve been having the best days of my
life since the last few days.” Smiled
Tifa smiled. “That’s right. It’s just
been a week that Rune’s here, and
she’s brought such happiness to
everyone around.”
Marlene nodded happily. Reno
entered the kitchen.
“Hey Tifa, where’s Rune?” asked
“In her room.” Tifa replied. “Reno
don’t scare her again.”
“She’s a sweetheart!” Reno smirked
before exiting from the kitchen.
Rune is standing at the window of her
room combing her loosely flowing
black hair while humming a song. She
suddenly shivers as an arm wraps
around her body from the back. She
immediately turns her head to see
Reno smirking at her. She sighs.
“Reno, आप scared me!” She told him
before turning back to the window
“I wonder how long it’ll take for you
to get used to me babe.” Reno
whispered into her ear as he wrapped
his other arm around her, completely
hugging her from the back.
Then he pulled her close to him as
possible, which made her loose sleeve
slide down her shoulder revealing the
scarred skin over her कॉलर bone and
her slender shoulder bone. Reno
swiftly placed a soft किस on the scar
making Rune shiver and fluster.
“W…What… are आप doing?” she
asked blushing profusely.
“Just tryin to किस your pain away.”
Whispered Reno.
“Stop flirting nya!” Rune कहा before
shoving off his arms from around her
and walking to the dressing table.
“Hey, आप look so pretty with your hair
down yo.” Reno smirked.
“Thank आप for the compliment.” Rune
कहा in a serious tone, yet blushing.
Then she brushed up her hair and tied
it into a pony. Reno walked up to her
from the back and caught her द्वारा her
shoulders before placing his face at
the crook of her neck, softly nibbling
at the tender skin.
Rune’s face heated up and she was
about to push him when he licked at
her ear lobe and pulled her hair down
“Reno! Stop it already!” she said
blushing profusely.
Then she sighed and roughly tied up
her hair into a bun, grasped Reno’s
arm and walked out frowning pulling
him with her. Reno smirked as Rune
pulled him down to the drawing room
where Tifa was now sitting with
Marlene. Tifa looked at them and
“Hey Rune, did Reno get on your
nerves already?” Tifa asked.
“How do आप handle this guy?!”
exclaimed Rune as Reno
“Hey, that’s not fair! You’re single
right?..” asked Reno.
Rune turned to look at him with her
hands on her hips. “That DOESN’T
mean I’ll let आप FLIRT with me!” she
कहा raising an eyebrow.
“She doesn’t seem to be interested in
men,… like me!” chuckled Tifa.
“What do आप think of Cloud?” Reno
asked looking at Rune. “Don’t you
like him either?”
“I don’t even know him!” Rune said
frowning. “The last time I saw him
was the first दिन I came here…” she
blinked thoughtfully. “Speaking of
Cloud, when is he coming back? It’s
been a week that he’s left.”
“He’ll be back tomorrow morning.”
Replied Tifa.
“That’s good to hear.” Chirped Rune.
“But, we won’t be here tomorrow.”
कहा Tifa. “I have to leave early for
some urgent deliveries tomorrow
morning and Yuffie is gonna take the
kids out. Hope it’ll be alright for you
to take care of everything द्वारा yourself.”
“Don’t worry! I’ll be here babe.”
Reno कहा smirking and winking at
“Don’t even think about it Reno.”
Rune told him before turning to Tifa.
“Don’t worry Tifa. I’ll take care of
everything and make रात का खाना for you
all.” She smiled.
“Thank आप Rune.” Smiled Tifa.
“That’s so good. I प्यार Rune’s
cooking!” Marlene कहा excited.
“Thank आप Marlene.” Chirped Rune
before turning to Reno. “I’ll be going
to the market tomorrow morning, so
don’t try to sneak in coz it’s gonna be
Reno slouched as he sank into the
sofa. “Yeah… whatever…”.

.........to be continued.........