“El Nino” has set the Premiership alight since signing from Atletico Madrid last summer for a club-record £23m fee, but the money seems to have been well spent as the striker has already scored 30 in all competitions is well placed to beat Ruud वैन, वान Nistelrooy’s record of 23 goals scored in his first Premier League season.

"For me, Fernando is probably the stand out striker in world football and I'm just delighted that he's in a Liverpool shirt," कहा Carragher, who certainly knows a thing या two about what makes a world-class striker.

"To get 30 goals in your first season is a fantastic achievement and hopefully he can go on and get a few और goals this season.

"People कहा he didn't have his best game against Blackburn but he scored another important goal and that's his job," he added.

Carragher went on to echo his boss's calls for full focus on the अगला match against Fulham, despite the fact that the first-leg of the Champions League clash with Chelsea is looming large.

"We've got to concentrate on the Fulham game first," Carragher continued. "We can't afford to look ahead to games in the future.

"If we were to take our eye off the game against Fulham we could end up losing that and maybe losing a bit of confidence for when we do play Chelsea."