El Nino insists that it would be one of the best finals as well as one of the most open दिया the two styles of football between both sides.

It would almost be an all Spanish final if Liverpool faced Barcelona दिया the fact that the Reds from Merseyside have a Spanish manager as well as several players from Iberia.

Torres believes it would be a great game but he also is aware that Barcelona have to see off Manchester United first and Torres thinks the Red Devils are one of the best teams in the world at the moment.

“I would प्यार to see a Barcelona – Liverpool final,” Torres told Marca.

“But first the Blaugrana will have to play a massive semi-final and people will get to see who the real Manchester United are.

“As for Liverpool, the प्रशंसकों are obsessed with winning the league और than the Champions League.

“The team has not won it for 18 years but it will arrive.”

Liverpool clash with Chelsea in the other Champions League semi final and the winners will get to player either Barcelona या Manchester United in the Moscow final in May.