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"Burnin' Whiskey" - Ruby Starr and Grey Ghost

The Welders - Debutantes in Bondage

The Welders - SOS Now

Rock Goddess - I didn't Know I Loved आप ('Till I Saw आप Rock'n'Roll)

Rock Goddess - My एंजल (with Kelly Johnson from Girlschool on bass)

Veruca Salt - "Shimmer..." live in Germany (1997)

Girlschool - Don't Call it प्यार

Girlschool - Live From लंडन 1984

Girlschool - Race With The Devil

Garbage & Screaming Females - Because The Night (Official Video)

Screaming Females - I Don't Mind It

O.N.A - Niekochana (S.H.E - Not Loved )

O.N.A - Koła Czasu (S.H.E - Wheels of Time)

Joan Jett - Real Wild Child (official संगीत video)

Arkona (Maria "Scream" Arkhipova) - Yarilo (official संगीत video)

Susanna Hoffs - "Raining" (Official Video featuring Rosanna Arquette)

Nina Simone - The Ballad of Hollis Brown

Patti Smith - Dreams of Life

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Face to Face (official संगीत video)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House (official संगीत video)

Crucified Barbara - Rock Me Like The Devil (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Closterkeller - No और tears ( Ozzy Osbourne cover)

The Cranberries - I Still Do

The Cranberries - Pretty (live in लंडन 1994)

Suzi Quatro - Glycerine क्वीन (live 2003)

Closterkeller - W moim kraju (In my country) official संगीत video

Sister Sin - 24/7 (official संगीत video) ( U.D.O. cover)

Hysterica - Heels of Steel

The Great Kat - Beethoven Mosh

दिल - Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors

Garbage - My Lover's Box Live @ Rockpalast

New टट्टू - Maria McKee (live Bob Dylan cover)

लोमड़ी, लोमडी - American Dream

Katarzyna Nosowska (HEY) and Agnieszka Chylińska (ex-O.N.A.) - Angelene (PJ Harvey cover)

The Gits (Mia Zapata) - Seaweed

Lita Ford - Lisa (official संगीत video)

Joan Jett - प्यार Hurts (official संगीत video)

Patti Smith - घोड़े

Tarja Turunen - Poison (Alice Cooper cover)

Tarja Turunen & Doro Pesch - Walking with the एंन्जल्स (live)

Susanna Hoffs - "Picture Me" (Official Video)

Doro Pesch - Raise Your Fist In The Air (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

लोमड़ी, लोमडी - बास & Drum solo

Wendy O.Williams with Ace Frehley (KISS) - Bump & Grind

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain

Plasmatics (Wendy O.Williams) - The Damned

The Runaways - Saturday Night Special (official संगीत video)

Cherie Currie - Steel

Cherie Currie - State Of Emergency

Joan Jett - Little Liar (1st version of संगीत video)

Suzi Quatro - Live in Poland (1980)

Phantom Blue - Time To Run (official संगीत video)

Interview with Lita Ford (2012)

Doro Pesch - Let प्यार Rain On Me (official संगीत video)

Doro Pesch - Metal tango (live 1993)

The Iron Maidens-The Trooper

Dress - PJ Harvey

Meet Ze Monsta - PJ Harvey (Live)

Big Mama Thornton - Ball And Chain

Janis Joplin - To प्यार Somebody

The Corrs - Forgiven Not Forgotten

O.N.A. - Zmęczona

O.N.A. - To naprawde już koniec

Chylińska - Winna

Garbage - Blood For Poppies

Somewhere - Sharon मांद, डेन Adel & Anneke वैन, वान Giersbergen

Within Temptation - In The Middle of The Night

पैरामोर - Monster (Official Video)

Huggy भालू - Her Jazz

Cadallaca - Winter Storm '98

Heavens to Betsy - Nothing Can Stop Me

Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Björk & Massive Attack Mashup द्वारा Wax Audio

Blindness - Confessions

Drain S.T.H. - Crack the Liar´s Smile

Hot Topic- Le Tigre

Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High

Wild Flag - Electric Band

Janis Joplin - Misery 'N

Babes in Toyland - Spit To See The Shine (live)

The Runaways - Wild Thing

L7 - Used To प्यार Him

Hole - Doll Parts

प्यार is a Battlefield द्वारा Pat Benatar

Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass

Flyleaf - I'm So SIck

Fiona सेब - Sleep To Dream

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I प्यार Rock N' Roll

Joan Jett - I Hate Myself For Lovin' आप

Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet

Alanis Morissette - Ironic

Alanis Morissette - आप Oughta Know

एवनेसेन्स Thoughtless Paris tour

Evanesence Further Away Paris tour

एवनेसेन्स - What आप Want

एवनेसेन्स - Everybody's Fool

Garbage - Vow

Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl (U.S. Version)

The Pandoras - Haunted समुद्र तट Party

The Pandoras - Melvin

The's - Walk Like Jayne Mansfield and I'm Blue (from Kill Bill)