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posted by Katie_Kat200
If आप don't like humanized fan-fics, speak now, for this is gonna be humanized :/ So anyway, I hope आप enjoy it and I want this to be really good. So.. . anyway. ENJOY! *NOTE* I will not repeat myself! If your character doesn't appear at first, that just means they'll appear in the अगला chapter या so! Don't get mad if आप don't appear in the story! आप may be in the अगला chapter! ;)


Catherine sat upside down in a chair in her dorm room. She was पढ़ना a manga. To the side, on a little table,...
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posted by Veki-san
—I see, आप like to play rough, don´t you? —she कहा with a sinister voice while Rico began to run toward her. —So, let´s play! —she कहा while she took the three knifes and she started to make juggling with them, that stopped the penguin, who looked surprised and a little confuse the actions for the female lemur, but suddenly she threw the three knives to him, Rico immediately crouch, when he did that Katherine jumped over the पेंगुइन and stood behind him.

—And that confirms that she really came from a circus…—Kowalski whispered almost breathless, while Rico turned around to...
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posted by Veki-san
Soon, penguins and the newly arrived to the Habitat of lemurs, there they found Maurice collecting some fruits and Mort helping him.

—Hello Skipper, what it of all of आप visit? —Maurice asked amicably.

—We only come to leave something. —Skipper answered.

—They would have brought here before, but Alice forgot it…—Kowalski added.

—Not be too rude with her, she is new. —Private ended.

— Agreement and where is she? —the बंदर, लेमूर wondered curious.

—Here! —Rico responded sharply, and then Katherine opened between penguins, when Maurice saw her he left fall फल had collected and...
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posted by Tressa-pom
Campfire Part 5

Scene 1- Camp Morning
Everyone was sleeping except Skipper. He rang the bell.
Skipper: Wake up, soldiers!
Private left the tent.
Private: Um, Skipper. We are on vacation.
Skipper: So?
Icicle: (still in tent) We don’t need to wake up at 6.00 am like normal days, Skipper.
Rina: It’s too early.
Skipper: Do आप believe that our enemies are go on vacation like us? Maybe they कहा they won’t attack us till we go back to zoo.
Tressa quitted the tent. She wanted to say that training is good idea for start a दिन until she heard the last part.
Skipper: आप are going to test your swimming...
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posted by 67Dodge
The party was every definition of the word enormous. From the portion sizes of the खाना there, to the building housing the party itself. The building itself was a castellated Casino, with perfectly straight hallways that stretched into nearly infinity both upward and forward. Through the lone gate in the front of the casino sat the first room, a parlor where guests were accommodated and accounted for, lounge seats and ottomans strewn about the area, with the rusted glow of the setting sun through blue slanted windows of ivory slats, and a chandelier of deep sapphire illuminating the interior,...
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hey. I know this isn't a POM video, but I noticed that some people are feeling depressed and down and I didn't want to see the sorrow. I heard this song on the bus and it sounded encouraging and beautiful. here's "Cry out to jesus".
cry out to येशु
third दिन
anti depression
added by BeKaTora
Ok.. I have part 1 - 6 :D i must अपलोड it one after another ^^ please wait ;)
added by coolprivate
from icicle. i प्यार it. its so cute!
any सवालों टिप्पणी दे below ^^