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   "Dylan!! Wake up!!!" a voice shouted. Dylan groaned, turned over and pulled his cape over his head. He was slowly starting to fall back to sleep when someone shook him awake. "Dylan!!!" the voice कहा again. He opened one eye to find Lexii standing over him. He yawed and slowly sat up. "Good morning to आप too." he कहा sleepily. Lexii jumped up and down and pulled at his cape. "Get up get up get up!!! The kettle मक्का, मकई guy is coming!!!" she कहा excitedly. 
   Dylan jumped up, now fully awake. "Kettle corn?!?!" he कहा smiling. "Where??" 
    "I just saw him over द्वारा the pond about ten...
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Chapter 4: It's just the beggining

...Something fluffy touched me. I emgraced the fluffy thing, and it licked me on my beak. My eyes flutter open to see a soft kitten infront of my face. A Domestic...

"She's alright!" I heard a cry.

The voice was warming, but a little robotic. A firmilar flipper touched my flipper, lifting it high into the air. The flipper lifted me off the pillow, and sitting up. Infront of me was a kitten. It was Black with black eyes, a sleeking silver paw with a weird mark. It had green streaks on it's tail.

I looked at the person to the side of me. He had long jet black hair...
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posted by Rico4ever16
"Keep Holding on"
You're not alone, together we stand, I'll be द्वारा your side, आप know I'll take your hand, When it gets cold and it feels like the end, There's no place to go, आप know I won't give in, No, I won't give in, Keep holding on, 'Cause आप know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, Just stay strong, 'Cause आप know I'm here for you, I'm here for you, There's nothing आप could say, nothing आप could do, There's no other way when it comes to the truth, So keep holding on, 'Cause आप know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, So far away, I wish आप were here, Before...
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She kept running then her broken leg buckled and she fell over. She army crawled and her head hit something. She looked up. Some feathers were in her eyes. She flicked her head and blew them back but they fell. Sindaj had bumped into Hans the Puffin. She painfully climbed to her feet. Hans had a neck brace on and was breathing through a tube. Sindaj's left leg wobbled slightly. "Miss Sindaj... I see आप survived" he croaked. Sindaj did a cocky smile. "and I see I crushed your throat. Breathing all right there? You're lucky I didnt squeeze all the life out of you" she said. Hans growled and...
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posted by stlouisfan
The अगला few hours for Dave were worse than being stuck in the crate. At least in the टोकरा he was just uncomfortable. Now in the vet's office he was uncomfortable and going through pain. Not only did Dave require a couple of shots, but the vet also needed to extract blood from him. He also needed a check-up to make sure he was healthy. And to चोटी, शीर्ष everything off Dave was quite sure that the vet was a little sadistic. After everything was done, Alice placed Dave into a pet carrier and carried him off to the ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव habitat.

It was late afternoon and the crowds had gone घर for the day. At least...
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"What do आप want now?!" asked Lilly. "I only लॉस्ट on HIS comfortable field, now it's time to see MY comfortable field of conflict, in the trapping range," कहा Dr. Damion. Suddenly, a net sprung up from the ground, a very sticky, gum-like paste that trapped them against their will. "Ugh!! I'm stuck!!" yelled Private. "NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!" yelled Lilly. "Quit arguing आप too, we're in a precarious situation and आप both act like little children?! Grow up!!" yelled Hannah irritably. "I think we need to stick together on this, we can't afford to argue now," कहा Kowalski. "I'd like to, start a...
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posted by E-Scope90
There’s a ghost down in the hall
There’s a ghoul beneath the bed
Now it’s coming through the walls
Now it’s coming up the stairs
Then there’s screaming in the dark
Hear the beating of his heart
Can आप feel it in the air
Ghosts be hiding everywhere
I’m gonna be
Exactly what आप wanna see
It’s आप who’s scorning me
She wanting me
To be the stranger
In your life
Am I amusing you
But just confusing me
Am I the beast
You visualised
And if आप wanna see
Eccentric oddities
I’ll be grotesque before your eye
Let them all materialise
Is that scary for आप baby
Am I scary for you
Is it scary for आप baby
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posted by Katie_Kat200
Been a while hasn't it? Ha ha... sorry! Anyway, this chapter's gonna be a little short. If आप don't know what it is... read on! ENJOY!

It was Saturday evening, 5:30 to be exact. A church nearby the school was crowded with Rose's family and friends. Lilly and Hannah were sitting with Rose, who was crying her eyes out as her mother told them about her brother. Hannah was crying a little too.

Lilly, although, was confused. Catherine कहा she would be here, but... where was she? Lilly sighed. Maybe she forgot. It wasn't like her to forget... she remembered everything.

Suddenly, the church door burst...
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posted by PenguinTDWT
P4:Stop! Na na na! You'd better save it!
Stop, stop, stop, you'd better save it!

Private: When we played tag in grade school
You wanted to be It.
But chasing boys was just a fad
You crossed your दिल you'd quit.

When we grew up आप traded
Your promise for my ring
Now just like back to grade school
You're doing the same old thing!

Stop! The प्यार आप save may be your own!
Darling, take it slow
Or some दिन you'll be all alone.
You'd better stop the प्यार आप save may be your own!
Darling, look both ways before आप पार करना, क्रॉस me
You're headed for the danger zone.

I'm the one who loves you!
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posted by Veki-san
—I see, आप like to play rough, don´t you? —she कहा with a sinister voice while Rico began to run toward her. —So, let´s play! —she कहा while she took the three knifes and she started to make juggling with them, that stopped the penguin, who looked surprised and a little confuse the actions for the female lemur, but suddenly she threw the three knives to him, Rico immediately crouch, when he did that Katherine jumped over the पेंगुइन and stood behind him.

—And that confirms that she really came from a circus…—Kowalski whispered almost breathless, while Rico turned around to...
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Author's note: Well, here comes one of the goriest, most violent, most paranoid induced fanfic, I've ever written. Hopefully आप will come to like the incoming suspense and enjoy the feel of the masterpiece from John Carpenter as it features our प्रिय penguins, and some of the zoo animals. :D Enjoy.


The faint, spindly, spaceship was slowly veering into orbit, it's propulsion drive careening off to the side, then whooshing into the Earth until being completely swallowed up द्वारा the atmosphere, little known to most, the ship was heading towards the New England region of the United...
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This is my animation. 100% द्वारा me. द्वारा the way आप don't have to read the description, I may या may not have any description. Anyway, I voiced over myself on this episode.
Source: Me and Kait. :P
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