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Day 1; Monday, December 9th

Her head hung low, she hadn't felt this bad since her dad found out that her mother had been sleeping around...he was the 3rd man in the woman's life. Yet many years after she sat in the office being prescribed और medication silence the depression.

"There is no hope for you. No future, not one that's good anyways."

Day 2; Tuesday, December 10th

Triggered द्वारा her 4th defeat, she was so close. But anytime she bought herself to do anything it seemed she could never win. Kicked out of college (not forgetting to bring her sisters down with her) all in vain for Magix still...
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Here is my entry for the contest (I figured someone from the फैन्पॉप team should give it a crack!). Attempted talents: lyric writing, singing, minor acting, घर video editing and megalomania. Thank आप REM for the inspiration and backing music.
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posted by nymph_tonks
I lay on my bed,
daydreaming, listening.
Listening to my mind telling stories.
Stories of myself if I was an actress,
an लेखक या scientist.
It always seems so close, but just out reach,
daydreaming, thinking, listening to my mind.
please, cant they come true?
if i try hard enough
maybe they will
आप cant just wish upon a star
that only takes आप halfway
do the rest yourself
या it forever remains a daydream.
life is a funny thing,
आप have to work for everything,
even if आप dont realise it.
it is one long journey,
and death is not the end.
it is simply the begining
of an even greater adventure.
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