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posted by zikkiforever
A.N: I don't know whether या not my entry is meant to be in the form of the article, but if it isn't then I can easily put it into the correct form.

Background: I have 0 experience with लेखन haikus. I researched them a bit, had a little go and it turned out when I had a go they ended up not half bad. So if they are utter rubbish to आप guys then so be it, but I am pretty confident with these. We are aloud to प्रस्तुत करे 2 at the max and selected these 2 out of 7 I wrote especially for FGT. So I hope आप enjoy my haikus with the classic 5-7-5 pattern. Something form my everyday life inspired both...
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I am sorry for the quality I don't have a good recorder. Also I am very out of practice. I have not sang in public for years! I wasn't sure if I should post it, but I decided to be a good sport and do it.
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absence of fear
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posted by dqwert
हे fanpoppers I have noticed that there is only one annual contest held for us to दिखाना our talents. Even that is being held after 3 years. This साल I have decide that I am gonna create an annual and official contest for all आप fanpoppers to portray your talents. I hope आप are interested in this event. Plz reply as fast as possible whether आप like the idea या not. Iwant जवाब द्वारा 30 April 2014. And if you’re wondering when the contest will be held it is in July 2014 but registration will start from june2014.

I have decide the name and motto
NAME: - Flying Colors
MOTTO: - Celebrating Uniqueness
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanking You,
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The dunes of Hueco Mundo were still and silent. Not a breath was exhaled, not a puff of air stirred. A few shrubs peaked out the sand here and there, but little else in the way of life was visible. All trees had long since been felled, and not a single Hollow was in evidence for miles in any direction. Despite the endless night, a thick, sickly heat covered the landscape.

Ever since their defeat at the hands of Soul Society, the Hollow had never been the same. They may have recovered were it not for their immediate subjugation to Yhwach and the Wandenreich (Invisible Empire), followed on by...
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"Quit that,alex..!"I called out !it was the perfect weekend and there he was,my wretched little twin,alex trying to wake me up द्वारा using vaccuum cleaner on my toes!Leave it to him to find such crazy ways to annoy me!Yes,these kind of things happen to me everyday!well,you might be asking who i am,i'm जैतून Priston, a 13-year old , desperately trying to cop up with my life....

"What?, i'm just trying to wake आप up ,sis!"Alex said...."well then,be happy, आप suceeded!"I कहा bouncing off the बिस्तर and making my way downstairs!I could very well hear my brother rolling with laughter!I groaned,I felt...
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