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Herb's got talent. Do you? (Full photographer credits in comment)
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FGT is having a haiku contest as a pre-show for the main event happening later in June/July.

1) It MUST be a HAIKU. Any other type of poem पेश will not be considered for the contest, though it will be appreciated!
2) One user may प्रस्तुत करे up to three haikus. They may प्रस्तुत करे less, if they choose. But three is the maximum.
3) All haikus must be पेश द्वारा JULY 1ST, 2010.
4) Post your haikus in a टिप्पणी दे in this article. I will gather them all into a सेकंड submissions लेख on JULY 1ST.

I would like two या three people to volunteer to pick their ten प्रिय haikus and put them into a...
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For those of आप लेखन fan-fictions, I'm sure, at some stage, that आप will get writer's block in some form, या another. I've been लेखन for years and years, probably around eight years and I thought I would share some information with आप all, just in case आप do get writer's block.

1. Always remember that trying to force yourself into लेखन something is not the way to go about it. Give yourself a day, या two, and then go back to लेखन after that. Sometimes, even the smallest break will allow your brain to clear, relieve stress from life in general and get back into a routine, या whatever...
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Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every दिन I feel you.

The morning bird reminds me of what’s coming.
The connection.
The spark.

I have never felt this way,
Drawn to you,
Needing you.
Holding you.

To grip आप is passion.
Purest of its form,
Attentive in its own way,
And it breaks barriers.

Sonic booms have nothing on us.
The Grand Canyon too small to expand with us,
The Burj Khalifa too small to grow with us,
And the oceans do not have enough depth to describe us.

Despite that, we are endless.
And forever.

Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every दिन I feel you....
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