once upon a time in a galaxy far far away. there was a little martian girl named marvin. she was going to see darth vader. when suddenly other cartoon characters burst through the doors.

marvin the martian: "hey! i was walking over here to see darth vader"

other cartoons: "yes आप where sorry about that"

marvin the martian: "sure thing"

pokemon came and helped her up. and they told her to see darthvader at the death star. but her laser beam froze because elsa the snow क्वीन froze it.

elsa the snow queen: "sorry! for freezing your laser beam little girl"

marvin the martian: that's alright.

as the scene cut to marvin the martian going to the death star. darth vader had locked his doors. he told her to say the पासवर्ड to get in.

marvin the martian: " luke i am your father"

darth vader: "correct! come in my presious little mars beauty"

as she got in the death तारा, स्टार she notice something different about him. her eyes glared at his ऐनीमे मांगा याओइ looks.

marvin the martian: "wow! darth vader when did आप become ऐनीमे मांगा yaoi?"

darth vader: "well i went to a मांगा ऐनीमे याओइ convention and i entered the machine that turns people ऐनीमे याओइ manga"

marvin the martian: "cool! i want to do that

darth vader: " आप can there is still time left i will fly आप to the convention right now"

as darth vader took marvin the martian to be ऐनीमे याओइ mangafyed. he flew her to planet mars her घर planet. it is where the convention is held.

marvin the martian: "wow! all the कार्टून ar here"

there! they saw olaf from disney's movie फ्रोज़न as an ऐनीमे मांगा याओइ snowman. and they bumped into elsa from disney's movie frozen. she was a याओइ मांगा ऐनीमे snow queen. as they went in there was a very large crowd. most are in line to be ऐनीमे याओइ mangafyed.next we see all the बार्बी characters going into the matchene. and others do the same as well.


when they got in. they liiked like a japanese animation. and they got back to the death तारा, स्टार and they found the storm troupers. they threw them in the dungeons. for being aime. and the escaped द्वारा using the laser beam that marvin the martian carried with her. and ran away

the end