Well, since I already got some validation from the judges, I might as well put it in an article! Now, I've had some experience with लेखन haikus, but that was when I was eight and had to do one for a school assignment. But, hopefully, आप guys won't think that these are lame. I wish we could've entered with so much more, but here's the two that I chose to enter.

Haiku #1: My Hopeless Dream
My hopeless dream is
To feel cherished and wanted...
All I need is love.

Now, this was the first haiku that I wrote for this competition, and I can honestly say that it's one of my favorites. Most people say that they're fine being single, या that they cringe at the sight of love, but let's face it: Everyone needs a little प्यार in their lives.

Haiku #2: An Unknown Escape
I want an escape
From this miserable world
That we have called Earth.

When I wrote this, I imagined it to sound less depressing, but I found that it had और meaning to it. Whenever we have those days when everything seems to go wrong, we sometimes wish for an escape from reality.

Hopefully, आप all liked it, and I hope that I can win the Haiku section for this year's Fanpop's Got Talent!