Hello Fanpopers,
I welcome आप to the last stage before we begin the Annual Fanpop’s Got Talent 2014 . Now, each and every सवाल about FGT 2014 will be answered as I don’t want आप guys to live in confusion when the annual contest starts. So in this मंच I will tell आप the basic rules for each category decided द्वारा our selected judges and after my examination. If आप have any problem with any particular rule, don’t complain around instead just send me a private message so we’ll look upon it again. FGT 2014 Committee really respects everyone and we all want peace in the contest. Thanks, now let’s हटाइए to the rules.

Fan fiction Contest

From past 3 years there is an increasing amount of प्रशंसक fictions लेखन in some of the most famous Fanpop’s spots so I decided to make this category too and people are दिखा रहा है a great interest in this category.

Rules and basics

◘ What they are getting marked on:

• Spelling / Grammar ( No matter how good a प्रशंसक fiction is it should still be readable and presentable )

• Originality ( Normal plots are great but we should also give extra points to those who come up with something new या original )

• Characters (The characters are just as important as the plot)

• Setting ( Setting is another huge contributor to प्रशंसक fiction since the setting has to be just as exciting या detailed as the plot in order to not make the fic seem bland )

• Background history / information ( If someone sends in a fic with actual tv दिखाना , ऐनीमे , etc. characters या uses an actual location या tv दिखाना , ऐनीमे , e.t.c location then I expect them to at least portray कहा character in the way they are originally portrayed and I definitely don't want to see someone put the White House in New York City again . Simply put add points for research. )

• category provides 2 marks, to add up to a total out of 10.

-We decided to not restrict writers too much, so we only came up with three rules.

• Minimum of 500 words; we do not want a one-paragraph fic.

• If the fic contains mature content, a warning must be provided so that audiences that do not like that type of stuff can avoid it. The warning can just be '[Fic Title] -Mature Content-'

• Five points will be immediately docked if any copying is caught. This is to avoid plagiarism.

For और details and जवाब be frank to ask me या our 3 प्रशंसक fiction category judges





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