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 Smiley - Meh (for picks)
Part of my collection of commonly used तस्वीरें for फैन्पॉप picks.
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This is और of a सूची than an actual article, compiled from picks and conversations about The Screencap Situation. Thank आप to everyone who contributed a point that's been used here - even if आप didn't know this would get posted. You're the ones who wrote this. I'm just the dummy who thought it was necessary to post in लेख form. Desperate times, friends.

Why फैन्पॉप Needs Screencaps

-Screencaps have been added since before there was a screencap category. Now that there's definitely a demand for them here, they'll still get पोस्टेड - in the चित्रो section. It's already happening. Actual photos...
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 Thtuck? Thtuck?! THTUCK! THTUCK! THTUCK!!!
Thtuck? Thtuck?! THTUCK! THTUCK! THTUCK!!!
Spongebob: You're full of barnacles and so is your dad!
Dr Blowhole: Says who?
Spongebob: Says I!
Dr B: Oh yeah?
Spongebob: Yeah!
Dr B: Well I double dare you!
Skipper: Terrific! My arch nemesis is at it with his crazy tricks again!
Kendall: Like what Skipper said, Blowhole is at it again, but the exact exchange for this ritual very important. Spongebob has to be careful.
Spongebob: Are आप crazy? Stick my tongue to that flagpole? That's stupid!
Dr B: That's cause आप know it will stick!
Spongebob: You're full of it!
Dr B: Oh yeah?
Spongebob: Yeah!
Dr B: Well I double dog dare...
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I was going through the Pirates of the Caribbean spot and getting bored answering the same pick over and over again- Who is better, Jack या Will? when I knew this लेख HAD to be written.

Okay, we are all aware of the growing disease of "Who is better" picks on the most लोकप्रिय spots, या as they now call them "clubs". Those of us that know that फैन्पॉप deserves better than a continuous slew of picks over the best of something are the ones that will help me out in finding a cure for the menace.
Here is an example:
Who is hotter?
(Will wins द्वारा 18%.)
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