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 Smiley - Meh (for picks)
Part of my collection of commonly used तस्वीरें for फैन्पॉप picks.
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Source: Me (hellgirl223), Pictures from Debs, Dazl, Cinders and Johnminh
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Source: me, and credit to Olivine/caramelmilk/angel for the idea.
 Angel, Buffy & Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer one my प्रिय shows that I just love.Also a dedicated प्रशंसक too
Angel, Buffy & Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer one my favorite shows that I just love.Also a dedicated fan too
When I first saw this website on the web. I thought this site would be a good place for me. आप can do so much on this site. All your प्रिय shows are on this website, things आप like to do and socialize with other people online. I mean I told my parents and my brother about this site. They thought this website would be a good place. My parents कहा to me that it would better than myspace. I agree with them. Sorry for those people who प्यार myspace. But my thoughts about myspace is that i don't like it all. I mean my best friend was be threatened a lot and she almost got raped from that site....
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 Just a few of the hundreds
Just a few of the hundreds
After creating my link spot and noting the severe lack of members, curiosity got me to searching for spots on फैन्पॉप that only had a single member (generally, their creator).

I came across spots that were months old and still only had a single member such as Chel's link spot, harold's link spot, या berly's link spot. And I thought to myself, these spots were created to meet other प्रशंसकों and yet there appeared to be no other प्रशंसकों of these topics on all of fanpop? Ridiculous! Or... maybe it's true.

Some of the one-fan spots seemed very obscure (to me, at least), so it's quite possible that there...
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here are some motto's that i have either made या have gotten from things i've seen!

Anyone who's never made a mistake has never tried anything new! - Albert.A. Einstein

Always be yourself, unless आप can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!

Always be you, because eevryone else is taken - Anonymous

ill post और when i find more!!!
these are for eeryone to use so feel free to put them up, but plz put my यूज़रनाम with them cuz i wanna get some credit for it plz!
im need to make this longer so heres some बिना सोचे समझे stufff

A quick little guide to customizing your poop oot!

What is this pop-out आप speak of?

The pop-out button is on the left side of your screen and provides access to your प्रिय क्लब्स at all times. This way आप don't have to go to your प्रोफ़ाइल या use the खोजिए to navigate between clubs. HA HA kidding..I know nobody ever uses the search!

 May 2011: The pop-out is introduced
May 2011: The pop-out is introduced

By default your poop-out will have your most active क्लब्स displayed for easy access.

 My most active clubs- though I am not a प्रशंसक of all of them
My most active clubs- though I am not a प्रशंसक of all of them

How are the क्लब्स shown selected?

Your most active क्लब्स are in your pop-oot...
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I know I had this under the सवाल portion and I oginally considered making this a लेख under लेखाए but, I wasn't sure if this is लेख was artical material या not!

Well here it goes and I put it in a और appropriate place now!

Your टिप्पणियाँ And Interest Are Welcome!

I Would Like To Know If Anyone Else Experiences These Unfortunate Events! Let Me Know Your Experiences!

This Was My Introduction LOL!

Now The लेख Portion -

My Issues With फैन्पॉप And Why It Isn't As Fun या
Or Happy Place For Me!

1. People Cheat And Say And Do...
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