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 Cinco de Mayo 2012 टोपी
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cinco de mayo
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I was going through the Pirates of the Caribbean spot and getting bored answering the same pick over and over again- Who is better, Jack या Will? when I knew this लेख HAD to be written.

Okay, we are all aware of the growing disease of "Who is better" picks on the most लोकप्रिय spots, या as they now call them "clubs". Those of us that know that फैन्पॉप deserves better than a continuous slew of picks over the best of something are the ones that will help me out in finding a cure for the menace.
Here is an example:
Who is hotter?
(Will wins द्वारा 18%.)
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Source: me, and credit to Olivine/caramelmilk/angel for the idea.
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Since some people seem to be asking this सवाल a lot, here is an easy step द्वारा step guide to making a club.

First, go to the चोटी, शीर्ष of any page आप are on. आप will see the words fanpop! what are आप a प्रशंसक of? आप will have to click on it.

It will take आप to the main page as shown below. Where आप will see different topics being shown. If आप look to your right, आप will see the क्विज़ polls.

Just scroll down until आप reach the bottom of the क्विज़ question, आप will see a button that says Create a New Club Click it to continue.

It will take आप to the club maker. Where आप will...
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Well, I started using फैन्पॉप back in May 2007, and since then I see how the community keeps increasing in numbers which is great. I haven't been the most active user for a while now, but as I कहा somewhere else, I've always loved the site and therefore I come back every once in a while to spend some time fanpopping.

There is something I've noticed lately, that is obviously hard to control as the amount of users grows, but I thought I would point it out. What I noticed is a serious misunderstanding of the idea behind the "props" feature.

~ Let's start with the basics, according to the Online...
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The OFD (Official फैन्पॉप Dictionary) was first published in 2009. The OFD is a compilation of words the etymology of which can be found in the roots of फैन्पॉप history. There is no one लेखक of the OFD, as it is made possible द्वारा the generous donations of several committed Fanpoppers (see dictionary below). Common usage of words in the फैन्पॉप vernacular is also added to the dictionary. If आप wish to make a contribution to the OFD, द्वारा all means add your word to the सूची in the form of a comment.

The Official फैन्पॉप Dictionary

Blisslikethistition (noun): See DrDevienciation.

Chelify (verb): The...
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Source: Lets give this one to ऊदबिलाव, बीवर fangirls...
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This doesn't apply to all of आप and i respect everyones views, however i feel that some users just moan at any little change even if its good and some users saying they preferred फैन्पॉप beta. I know that there hasn't been much change but the users against change is the reason why.

Why do some users hate change? They think its against the 'spirit' of fanpop, they're scared that it will turn फैन्पॉप into myspace; Them reasons make me laugh. One, what the hell do आप mean against the spirit! Fanpops not christmas. Two, how the hell could फैन्पॉप possible turn into myspace with all the awesome spots?

 Emotes Are Fun & Useful
Emotes Are Fun & Useful

How can आप not प्यार the emotes? It makes it easier to see how the user are talking, it makes the टिप्पणियाँ और creative and there just fun. The speech bubble is good to, less boring then the टिप्पणियाँ before.

I'm sure this लेख will get a bad rating, but i just needed to say this.
OK, I think DrSpud's फैन्पॉप Review लेख is contagious XD Anyway, lets get with the article.

Like most other users I believe, it was confusing and takes quite some time to be active on Fanpop, but as soon as I clicked the फैन्पॉप link, I felt hope and I was hoping that फैन्पॉप would be the right place for me. Besides, फैन्पॉप really IS the only social networking I have an account on and I must say i'm really addicted and i'm pretty sure most other Fanpoppers/pettes too! When I did, I was like 'Once आप get on Fanpop, you'll never get off' and BAM the अगला thing आप know, it came true!

I must...
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Your Movie Is A Product द्वारा Zoran Lisinac of ALONG THE ROADSIDE via linkMore video interviews at: link
यूट्यूब तारा, स्टार
iman crosson
zoran lisinac