Hi Fanpoppers. It's been a while since I've पोस्टेड an लेख in the फैन्पॉप Club, but I wanted to let all of आप know about a हाल का problem we've run into and see if we could implore आप - the awesome फैन्पॉप community - to help us out

(I know, I know, I'm sure many of आप are thinking only one problem? There's a LOT of problems on Fanpop, Papa! A LOT!!! Alas, for today, we're only going to focus on one problem!)

As आप know, फैन्पॉप is घर to a lot of क्लब्स covering a wide range of topics and interests and within those क्लब्स there's a great amount of latitude दिया to what kind of content आप can post.

However, one type of content that has proven increasingly problematic for us is the posting of explicit या pornographic content on Fanpop.

Per the terms of service:
"You may not post content that...is pornographic या sexually explicit in nature..."

Since that definition might be a little ambiguous to some, allow me to elucidate (I apologize for being so blunt, but I want to be very clear): no exposed breasts या genitals, no butt cracks या full-cheeked buttocks, no explicit sex acts of any sort in which any of the former (genitals, breasts, etc.) are दिखा रहा है या engaged in...stuff. Two dudes hugging is ok. Two dudes hugging completely naked with their "junk" flopping around is not ok. Got it?

And as ridiculous as it sounds to say, this goes for real life चित्रो as well as for cartoons. Specifically: no cartoon जानवर with genitals या cartoon जानवर engaged in sex acts (sadly we have been witness to My Little टट्टू doing improper activities with her टट्टू "friends" on this site). If आप want to celebrate your प्यार of explicit प्रशंसक art of randy woodland creatures we, unfortunately, have to ask आप to find another fansite on which to engage with your fellow fans.

In the interest of erring on the side of caution, I would also advise against chest shots (even if covered), crotch shots, and चित्रो with see-through materials that expose breasts and genitals. So-called under-boob, side-boob and "upskirt" type तस्वीरें also fall into this category.

The reasons we are asking for your help in policing and reporting this type of content is two-fold:
FIRST: We have a lot of people under the age of 18 on the website! While everyone needs to be smart about their web-surfing habits and while we don't want to over-sanitize the web experience on Fanpop, it's also reasonable to expect when visiting the "Penguins of Madagascar" Club that आप will find, at worst, PG type content about those wise-cracking Dreamworks penguins. Nobody needs to see Skipper, Kowalski and Rico getting it on in a menage-a-penguin on the ice. At least not on this site.

SECONDLY: Problematic content isn't only a problem for us, it's a problem for our advertisers. फैन्पॉप isn't cheap to maintain and operate. When we started the site back in 2006 we had maybe a thousand users visit us in the first month. Today we have over 25 million unique visitors to the site every महीना viewing over a 160 million pages a month. To support this high volume of web traffic we have had to purchase bigger, better and faster machines and और and और bandwidth. Running the site is not cheap. If advertisers are unhappy with explicit content on Fanpop, it means no money to operate and continue Fanpop. We प्यार Fanpop. We hope आप प्यार Fanpop. We'd like to keep फैन्पॉप running as long as possible!

द्वारा now आप are probably asking: "So Papa, now that you've told me all about Penguins and My Little Pony, what can we do to help?" All we are asking is that, where possible, please pitch in a hand and help us clean up फैन्पॉप going आगे द्वारा reporting any problematic content आप might encounter. It doesn't take much time and is easy to do.

Here are a few things that would help us:

See a pornographic image? रिपोर्ट it as "inappropriate"

Feel free to remind other users about the pornography policy on फैन्पॉप in comments, private messages, मंचों and दीवार posts

See a pornographic club? रिपोर्ट it as "inappropriate"

See a naughty चित्र in a मंच thread? रिपोर्ट it!

See a humanoid cartoon character with a tentacled sea creature doing things they never taught आप in sex ed? Please रिपोर्ट it!

See a pony, with a पेंगुइन and a...well आप get the point...

Thanks for taking the time to read this Fanpoppers. Any help आप can give us in helping to clean up the site is much appreciated. Keep on Fanpopping!
Fine art is ok, आप don't need to censor Michelangelo!