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फैन्पॉप wasn't letting me log in after I disconnected my फेसबुक account to this account- why?

My phone is good but an outdated model, and one thing about it is, the login with फेसबुक button आप see on फैन्पॉप isnt there when I got to FP. I got tired of this because I wanted to use FP when I was on my phone so I disconnected it on my Facebook. but then I still couldn't log in- none of the three passwords I used worked! and when I tried sending it to my email, it कहा I have no ई मेल registered since when I made this account I might have connected to to फेसबुक when I registered. what do I do? I'm absolutely positive the passwords are right.

This is frustrating me to no end. I'm thinking of just making a new account but I like this one since I've done so much on it.
 AudreyFreak posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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