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Sung द्वारा Megurine Luke/Luki. Original voice: Megurine Luka
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Sung द्वारा Dell Honne
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posted by Ruka_Miko
Name: Ruka Paine Miko
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Species: Human/Oracle
Release date: None
Birth date: 06/07/1998
Creation date: 14/8/2012
Item: Strawberry
Clothes: White half-blouse, red and black thigh high shoes, red and white arm protectors
Accessories:head mic with deep blue detail, red tie.
hair color: Red
Eye color: blue
Height: 5.4 ft

Likes: Strawberries, singing, practicing magic and sword-fighting

Dislikes: spiders, arrogance, bad guys, stuck-up posh people.

Intelligence: 12
Flexibility: 9
Speed: 9


Yellow (Cover)
Love is My Battlefield
Alter Ego
Slave to Darkness
Empress of Darkness
Regret is here now...
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posted by speedy106
Luki Megurine is the genderbend of Luka Megurine. He needs और popularity. Some of the vocaloid songs don't have a Luki Megurine cover. Please go on यूट्यूब and spread some प्यार to Luki. He sings many songs, but I would personally like for people to downpitch Luka and make Luki sing Melt and The Disappearance of Megurine Luki. I can't find any covers of him गाना those songs. Make sure after आप read this आप look on यूट्यूब to see if any of the other प्रशंसकों have पोस्टेड covers. I don't want to see lots and lots of Luki covers. I just want to make him as लोकप्रिय as Mikuo या Meito. I mean, they're the major fanmades, and I just want to boost his reputation up a little. It would be great if आप could post और Luki x Mikuo fanfics on because I ship that couple और than anything. So please give और प्यार to Luki.
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