"Why is we here again? WHYYYYYYY IS WE HERE AGAIN?" Ollie said. "Because we're moving here!" Chumalina कहा excitedly. "Okay! Let's make our place!" Fangirl said, "OLLIE! USE DIG!" The part-Lightopian dug way underground. About five मिनटों later he came back up. "DONE!" he said. The girls went inside. It was awesome! "Wow!" कहा Chumalina, "Ollie, आप did this all द्वारा yourself?"

"Ollie this is amazing!" Fangirl added. "Thank you!" कहा Ollie, looking quite proud of himself. They ate lunch, which were sandwiches with mysterybutter and starberry जाम made द्वारा Ollie, then went out to play.

Ollie got all excited when they got to the park, for he sensed multiple playmates nearby, but he was really sensing a specific one. They played with their Frisbee, but at one point, when they threw it at Ollie, a purple thing jumped up, and caught it. It looked as if it was having a blast! "GET IT!" Fangirl shouted, and the three were after it.

Ollie caught it first. "HIIIII I'M OLLIE! What's YOUR name?" he asked. "I'm-" suddenly, her antennas perked up, "Gotta go!" She dropped the Frisbee and ran off. "OKAYYY SEE YA GOTTA GO!" Ollie called after her.

They went to school the अगला day, and when they walked into the classroom, they did a little dance. The class was silent- except for someone in the back- two someones. They walked over, and sat अगला to them. "Hi," Fangirl said, "I'm Fangirl!" "And, I'm Chumalina!" कहा Chumalina. "I'm Fanboy!" कहा the taller boy. "And I'm Chum Chum!" कहा the smaller one. They talked all day- videogames, Frosty Freezy Freeze, Manarctica, wanna come to my place tonight?, gum...

After school, Fanboy and Chum Chum went to the girl's place- and they brought a friend- the same purple alien from the park! "OLLIE!" she yelled. "HI GOTTA GO!" Ollie replied. "Actually, It's Sparky." she replied. "Ohhhhhhhh... Huh?" he said.

First, they went to play videogames, after the aliens introduced themselves to the other's owners. "WII TIME!" Ollie shouted. "Duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn-" the aliens कहा as they approached the lead on Mario Kart. "DUHN, DUHN, DUHN!" Ollie screamed as he took the lead. "Hey! No fair!" Fanboy yelled, for he previously had the lead. As those two were fighting, Sparky was gaining up behind them. "HERE'S SPARKY!" she yelled as Baby आड़ू, पीच threw a blue कछुआ, कछुए shell and took the lead.

After Sparky made the Wii boring, they had hot कुत्ता for dinner. They were really good! They got to watch Agent 8 as they ate their hot dogs.

Next, they watched the movie,"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" as they ate popcorn. Then, the boys- and Sparky- had to go home. "WAIT!" Ollie yelled, "I HAVE TO TELL SPARKY SOMETHING IMPORTANT!" Sparky turned around. "Yes?" she said. He poked her. "CHEESE TOUCH!" Sparky screamed. Everyone laughed, and the guests went home.

Everyone went to sleep with happy thoughts, unaware that an old "friend" of Fanboy's was going to pay him an unexpected visit.
Ollie :3