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 Peter on Crystal Meth
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When Peter tries to get to know Chris's interests he snorts up Meth and punches a hole in his wall. Causing his hair to stick up and his eyes turning red.
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crystal meth
hole in दीवार
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Peter: But there is one thing, Mickey, आप knocked up my Mom and never called her again.
Mickey: Yeah, so what?

Peter: So what!? So let's dance!

Oh, he doesn't smell like Irish Spring,

And he never taught me anything,

But still I slap my chest and sing...

Of My Drunken Irish Dad.

Oh, his face looks like a railroad map,

And he never shuts his freakin' trap...

Mickey: But all the ladies catch the clap

From your Drunken Irish Dad.

Peter: Ask a Hennessey, Tennessey, Morrison, Shaughnessy, Riordan, and Rooney...

They'll tell आप the same

McNulty, Mulrooney, and Carter and Clooney

All feel the same mixture of...
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• Third dimensional qualities – Emotions, thoughts, attitudes and spirituality.
• Fourth dimensional qualities – Time. Their past history, the present and the future. The writers seriously need to fix everything on the दिखाना and reinvent the character's growth in development. Seth should get rid of all the worst writers on the दिखाना and hire new writers with updated storytelling and quality structure. The characters deserves original elements and arcs in the show. He needs to fix every single flaw 100% of his content. Serializing the दिखाना would be refreshing change. The writers need to...
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