फैमिली गाय Family Guy Online!!!

vmclean posted on Jun 16, 2011 at 07:58PM
I read on IGN and Facebook yesterday that Family Guy Online began accepting Closed Beta registrations.

I am amazed that this is the first I am hearing of this!!

Their registration email rocked my world:
Hey you,

So you're in line for the Closed Beta of Family Guy Online. Thanks for signing up. Gotta ask though - did you read the Terms of Use? The Privacy Policy? I mean actually read them? You didn't, did you? You really have no idea what is in there, but you accepted it anyway.

Don't worry about it. It's all pretty standard stuff, except for the part about harvesting your reproductive cells for a top secret government project to make half-horse half-human super-soldiers.

We're glad you're aboard. Watch for more announcements soon!


SO TRUE! No one reads the terms... haha

In any case - super excited for this. You can sign up at familyguyonline.com

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