Kodansha Comics revealed sketches (pictured at right) for Mashima's new मांगा in April.
This year's 26th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine revealed on Wednesday that Hiro Mashima's new मांगा is tentatively titled Eden's Zero. The मांगा will have a simultaneous release starting from the first chapter in English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. The issue also revealed a visual for the new manga, featuring a man with black hair and a bandage on his face.

North American publisher Kodansha Comics announced on Tuesday that the series' English release will be available on outlets such as Crunchyroll Manga, Comixology, and Kindle. In addition, the company पोस्टेड the following message from Mashima to overseas fans: "I'm bringing आप my अगला series pretty soon! I can assure आप it's going to be full of surprises and excitement. Please look आगे to it on June 26!"

Mashima will launch the मांगा in Weekly Shōnen Magazine's 30th issue on June 27. Mashima had teased in January that the मांगा "will be a new form of fantasy," and "Plue will make an appearance."

Kodansha Comics revealed sketches (pictured at right) for Mashima's new मांगा in April.

Mashima कहा in April that a Fairy Tail sequel मांगा is in the works in the form of a spinoff manga. He also stated that he is working on another Fairy Tail spinoff manga. He then stated earlier this महीना that he is working on a "secret" project.

Mashima's Fairy Tail मांगा series follows the adventures of the world's most notorious mage guild, Fairy Tail. The मांगा launched in 2006 and ended last July.

The मांगा has inspired two टेलीविज़न anime, two ऐनीमे films, several original video ऐनीमे projects, and spinoff manga. Kodansha Comics publishes the original मांगा and a number of its spinoffs in North America. The टेलीविज़न anime's "final season" will premiere this fall.

Mashima created the मांगा Rave Master, which ran for 35 volumes and inspired a 51-episode ऐनीमे adaption of the same name.
Eden's Zero