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Mike Montgomery once lived the American dream. Gainfully employed, beautiful home, and a wonderful loving wife. Mike's faith would one दिन be shaken after losing the प्यार of his life in an unexpected tragedy.
vanessa richardson
inspirational suspense
gsh publishing
प्यार found me
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[[329135803797520]] plane
[[329135820464185]] angel
[[329135840464183]] angry
[[329135853797515]] bad
[[329135873797513]] beer
[[329135897130844]] bowl
[[329135923797508]] boy
[[329135930464174]] brb
[[329135960464171]] cake
[[329135987130835]] camera
[[329136013797499]] car
[[329136037130830]] cat
[[329136063797494]] cigarette
[[329136083797492]] clock
[[329136127130821]] coffee
[[329136157130818]] coins
[[329136210464146]] computer
[[329136230464144]] confused
[[329136240464143]] console
[[329136250464142]] crying
[[329136277130806]] devil
[[329136300464137]] dog
[[329136323797468]] don't know
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