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posted by lillymango1
one दिन in the आग clan

leafstar :has all the eve eggs hached yet

coco:no mines hasent yet

bluepaw:let me see *the egg cracks and a beutyfull eve comes out*

coco:thank आप blue paw

little eve:hi mom

coco:we beteer get आप a name

little eve: who abot cream

coco:ok go play with other eves

cream:ok *runs off looking for other eves *



cream:whats your name my names cream

bee:oh my name my names bee

cream:do आप wanna play

bee:okay so do आप wanna play tag

cream:okay doki pinalpplee poki


jhonn:so ashaly do आप wanna go for a walk me and आप together

ashaly:are आप trying to...
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added by tomboi
posted by lillymango1
*cream is in the woods alone in the dark*

cream: well this is strange being alone

?????: hi

cream: who are आप and dont come near me im onlay 6 moons old hi ya

?????: dont worry i wont hurt आप

cream: really how can i trust आप

?????: well im a my name is jake and yours

cream: my name is cream blonging to the आग clan

jake: really im from midnight clan

cream: were are आप i cant see आप and what type of pokemon are आप asnyway

jake: im a evee what are you

cream: im a evee two can आप दिखाना your self

jake: ok *walks up to cream*

cream : well .. your nice

jake: even thogh our clans are agenst each...
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