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This एवा मेंडिस वॉलपेपर might contain रात के खाने के कपड़े, रात के खाने के गाउन, औपचारिक, शाम गाउन, डिनर ड्रेस, डिनर गाउन, रात का खाना पोशाक, रात के खाने का गाउन, कॉकटेल पोशाक, and म्यान.

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Eva Mendes bikini hot photos, pictures and biography - Eva Mendes stripped down to दिखाना her super hot bikini body on a trip to Italy with her boyfriend George Gargurevich yesterday. She may have missed out on our first annual competition for best bikini body, but it looks like she's ready to be a contender अगला time around. Today she dried off and dressed up for a portrait session at the 2009 Giffoni Film Festival. Eva may be in town for work, but it seems like she's found a nice balance between business and pleasure.

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Eva Mendes interview: Last Night movie temptress reveals her tips for a happy प्यार life

Eva Mendes is enough to tempt any man from the straight and narrow. In her new film Last Night, Sam Worthington leaves wife Keira Knightley at घर to go on a work trip with her. Yet in reality, Eva, 37, has been with film-maker George Augusto happily for nine years. She tells The Ticket about प्यार and temptation.

You are the other woman in this movie?

Everybody is the other woman! We’re all being very bad.

But आप are the only person who is single...

It makes a difference in that she is the only one doing...
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