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Little video i made when i was pissed off at bad fanfiction :p
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Author's note: I am seriously having a blast लेखन this fanfiction so I thought why not post parts of chapter 6 on फैन्पॉप XD. लोल best thing I have ever written in my life.


"Stop it, Gold! I already told आप that I'm not doing this!"

Ignoring Silver's wails, I pressed one foot against the बिस्तर and successfully tore off his कमीज, शर्ट before throwing it onto my bedroom floor. "Come on, man! आप have to help me whether आप like it या not, so आप may as well sit still!" I reached out, struggling for his jeans zipper and he pushed me away.

"Ya, right! आप can't possibly make me do this!"

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I catch site of the lab and it gives me the will to run faster. Once I am able to latch my hand around the door handle, I झूला, स्विंग it open and go inside. My breaths are heavy and I collapse onto my knees to sit down. Maybe, just ,maybe, I should have woken up a little earlier. It would have saved me from getting tired all over again.

“Excuse me miss, are आप here to receive a pokémon?”

I look up and see a middle aged man in a white lab jacket. The man seams familiar for some reason, must be the brown hair. He must be Professor Oak’s lab assistant. “Ye- yeah,” I stutter, “I’m Ash Ketchum’s...
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I am here! It took a whole week, but I am still here!

I stare down at Pallettown in awe from a grassy पहाड़ी, हिल that towers the community. It is everything I have ever dreamt of seeing. Even though the town is small, I know it has tons of history behind it. In fact, there are three मशहूर हस्तियों that live here. They include Ash Ketchum of course, Professor Oak, and Professor Oak’s grandson.

Seeing a pathway that went to the town, I rush down it trying not to trip. It is true what Mom and Dad used to tell me. Pallettown is plain gorgeous even if it was tiny and in the middle of nowhere. Peaceful and...
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I jump from under the covers on my bed. Hearing my mother yell always made me wake up from my dreams. It is the दिन after my 13th birthday of May 30th so now we have finally made it into the महीना of June. I smile slightly, realizing what adventures I would have today. This is because it is June: the महीना where kids set off on their journeys.

“Alexa!” my mother calls again. “If आप don’t get up, आप will be late getting to the lab like your father!”

Throwing my legs to the side of my bed, I open up my mouth to let out a large yawn. Time to get ready. I stand up and proceeded...
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Leaving Mom and Dad

~Fifteen Years after the original ऐनीमे plot~

“Ugh,” I wail, dragging my feet in defeat after me.

Why had I ever come up with this idea in the first place? This must have been the most stupid thing I could possibly think of at my age. I mean, I was thirteen years old: the age where I should have stopped fantasising. So why the heck would I go through it? I know why, and it is because I am stupid. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Exactly five days ago, I had ran away from “home”. I know what आप are thinking: आप put quotations around the word ‘home’, so आप must have a story...
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Note: I wrote this for my bestfriends 14th birthday. Ai shi teru!

Note to a Friend
Your bright laughter,
Your gleaming smile,
There is no reason
For silly denial.
You are truly the one,
Who makes me laugh a ton.

The crashing tears
Is one thing you
Never want to hear.
When I am feeling blue,
I will always think of you.
The times we laughed,
The times cried,
Everything that involves you
Makes me less petrified.

As we get older,
We all get colder.
For insane reasons
We all act like the other,
Has committed treasons.
But unlike them,
We were able to pull through.

A crazy girl who had never once
Dressed up for a male,
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