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this song makes me a little sad...
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this song is for Rochelle and Dylan :)
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posted by Cherry9090
The darknes.
The love.
The feelings.
She feels.
The way she dresses.
The way she talks.
The way her mind works.
No one will will understand.
No one cares to understand.
She stands alone.
In this dark,cold world.
With her head down.
Standing in the rain.
Hoping that the people walking द्वारा dont see her crying.
She pulls the black hoddie farther over her tear streaked face and keeps walking.
Her दिल has been broken.
Her mind has been messed with.
Her soul has been taken.
She walks alone in the rain.
Looking for a freindly voise.
A freindly look.
Maybe a freind to lean on.
But she is scared.
She has been hurt to many times,
She is a true ईमो Girl.
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how does it feel?
i dont know what प्यार is anymore
ive been left so many times that i cant feel
i used to know what प्यार is
but now i cannot feel
now i cannot heal

here i am,a साल later
with the one i love
i can feel
im healed
here i am
with something to say
im okay

here i am
in love
with every किस i get
i feel whole again
its like ive never felt before
so deeply in love

oh no
its happening again
im alone
with my razorblade my only friend
i thought i was in love
but i dont know what प्यार is
i thought i knew
but it turns out im in प्यार with you..</3
posted by EmoSixx
I loved you,
I लॉस्ट you.
My दिल cries for you.
I miss आप so much I just wanna scream and cry and yell your name.
I loved you,
I लॉस्ट you,
I miss you.
I just wanna die.
I loved you,
I miss you,
I still प्यार you.
The darkness grips me as i scream out to you.
It tries to wring my throat so i cant call out to you.
it wraps around me.
The pain.It feels like im dying without you.Can आप hear me?
I cant even pretend like i dont ever hurt myself because i miss you.
Without आप im nothing.
I take a चाकू and slit.I slit my throat so i can die and be with आप again.But i dont die.God wont let me be with आप again.
I loved you,
I लॉस्ट you,
I miss you.
Dont आप ever think about me?