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This ईमो चित्र might contain वीनस की मक्खियों को फंदा, वीनस की flytraps, dionaea muscipula, वैनस के फ्लाट्रैप, वैनस के फ्लायट्रैप्स, डायोनिया मेस्सिपुला, and शुक्र की flytraps.

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posted by hassleberrygirl
Jim throw Adam's body to the ground and Adam's blood was everywhere.Addie fell to the ground and started to cry.Jesse was getting sick of Jim all ways telling him what to do so Jesse run over to Jim and kicked and slaped Jim across the face.Then Jim yelled WHY THE HELL WOULD आप HIT ME AND KICK ME.Jesse yelled BECAUSE IM SO SICK OF ALL WAYS LISTENING TO आप AND IM QUITING THE FIGHTING CLUB.Jim कहा WE NEED YOU.Jesse कहा JIM IM SO SICK OF आप WHY WOULD I STAY I'VE ALWAYS HATED YOU.Jim yelled IM DONE WITH आप NOW WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT आप TO THE DEATH.Jesse कहा FINE AND PULLED OUT HIS KNIFE.jIM कहा Tyranno,zane,Axel,Aster,Atticus surround Jesse.They all कहा yes AND JIM Surrounded Jesse.Jim hend up jesse and कहा IF आप WILL NOT STAY WITH US I WILL KILL YOU.jIM कहा ITS TIME TO KILL JESSE.Jim stabed jesse in the stomach with his knife.Jesse kicked jim in the face.Jim stabed jesse in the leg and arm and jesse died.Jim ran over to किस Addie and Addie hit him and saID I HATE YOU.
posted by Rockgrl
Tell me why I've been lied to
Tell me why there are secrets hidden from me
द्वारा my sister

Explain to me why she choose this
Explain to me why I hurt so much
Explain to me why I don't care any more
About my life

Answer me why I want to cry
Answer me why I want to die
Answer me why I want her to just
Leave already
I've been hurt द्वारा a sister. She has lied openly to my face, hidden secrets from me when she promised me she wouldn't, and threw me out like I was trash. I'm wrong for being hurt, या am I just an idiot?
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posted by anna_von_vanity
Go to sleep and close your eyes

And dream of broken butterflies

That tore their wings against a thorn

आप know the pain that which they’ve born

Silver metal shine so bright

Scarlet blood that feels so right

Dream of that blood trickling down

And wake up just before आप drown

The moonlight shining off your tears

As आप bleed out your worst fears

So tonight when आप start to cry

Whisper the cutters lullaby:

Hushabye baby, your almost dead

आप don’t have a pulse and your pillows red

Your family hates you, and your फ्रेंड्स let आप bleed

Sleep tight with a knife, cause thats all आप need

Rockabye baby, broken and scarred

आप didn’t know life would be this hard

Time to end the pain आप hid so well

And down आप go baby

Straight back to hell
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posted by scarykids-emo
The devils flames lick at my toes
Waiting to निगलना, निगल, निगल संकलन me in.
A little monster on my back, pushing me further & further.
Coming far too close to my end.

The place is hot
White lights glare at my eyes,
Trying to surface me
To my despise.

My bodie is burning
This walk with the monster is...

My toes are burning,
My legs follow
My hips & torso feel his bittersweet sting

He whispers sweet thing into my ear
Telling me to come & disapear
His words are tempting
So strong and true
It only makes me think of you...

Breaking the surface of his black shell
Falling to fast into my own...
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