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This ईमो चित्र might contain वीनस की मक्खियों को फंदा, वीनस की flytraps, dionaea muscipula, वैनस के फ्लाट्रैप, वैनस के फ्लायट्रैप्स, डायोनिया मेस्सिपुला, and शुक्र की flytraps.

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Now before I begin...I jest wanted to say that all Emos are the same...and they all are like family to me...so this सूची is और of your ईमो style. ok enjoy!!! (///_^) 1;sad ईमो 2;angry ईमो 3;emotional ईमो 4;dark ईमो 5;shy loving ईमो 6;proud ईमो 7;stylish ईमो 8;alone ईमो 9;friendly ईमो 10;rock ईमो 11;expressing ईमो 12;lonely ईमो 13;scared with sorrow ईमो 14;happy ईमो 15;gloomy ईमो 16;skinny jeans ईमो 17;poetic ईमो 18;quiet ईमो 19;depressed ईमो 20;creative emo
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Being ईमो isn't a bad thing, screw all them people who think it's wrong to be this way, if emo's cut their selves so what? It's what makes them feel better! i don't cut myself but I do प्यार to dress and act emo, but im an excited ईमो type not depressing, but anyways DON'T FEEL ASHAMED because ur emo, ईमो and गॉथिक are two different things and either one blended together is perfectly A-O-K. I प्यार being ईमो and It doesn't bother me how people treat me cuz all I do is give them the evil mean WTF u lookin at sign and they back off easliy sometimes, so don't let people get u down.
posted by SweetestSilence
Tears flow down my cheek,
I'm sitting in the bathtub,
Feeling worthless and weak,
Dig my nails into my skin... then rub,
Anger filling my lungs and I begin to think,
Why does it feel like no one cares?
All I want to do right now is sink,
Sink into the ground... It's only fair,
All the young ones who deserved to live... had to go,
And left the world all alone,
I should be the one dead... I know,
I don't know who I am... या where to roam,
They knew... and they're gone,
And I'm all alone,
In this world where there is no love... everything is going wrong,
Nothing has a correct tone,
There is no difference in what's...
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BADASS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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संगीत video
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posted by SweetestSilence
This was my poem, I wrote it and it was not directed to anyone, I swear, it was just a bad day.

If I died tomorrow,
Would आप care?
Would आप miss the way I smile?
या the smell of my hair?
If I died tomorrow,
Would आप really miss me?
Would आप miss times we walked?
या every time आप kissed me?
If I died tomorrow,
Would आप be to blame?
Would आप come to the funeral?
And hang you're head in shame?
If I died tomorrow,
Is there anything you'd want to say?
Maybe that आप प्यार me?
And want me to stay?
posted by SweetestSilence
I feel dizzy,
But no pain,
My दिल is racing,
But I can't feel a thing,
The blood drips,
From my wrists to the floor
I begin to stumble,
आप reach the door,
Walking inside
आप see me bleeding,
आप want to help,
But I'll deny,
Don't save me,
I want to die,
आप can't believe,
The words I just spoke,
But आप walk away,
आप return,
I'm still alive,
आप could help me,
But I cry,
I still don't want you
I never did,
Now leave me be,
I'm better off dead,
आप leave again,
Tears in your eyes,
आप loved me,
And आप were letting me die,
An घंटा later,
आप walk back in,
I'm lying on my bed,
Eyes staring blankly,
I watch you,
आप could have saved me,
If आप wanted to...
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