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'She will be all right,' I explained to the parents from the patient.
'Oh thank you, Docter Cullen,' they smiled to me.
'Your welcome,' I said. And I walked threw the door. I was done for today. I went to my home. My wife Esmé, and my son Edward where there.
'Where is Rosalie?' I asked when I came in. Rosalie was my daughter.
'Oh, हे dear, she's hunting, after a few hours she will be back,' Esmé smiled. 'How was work?'
'Fine,' I smiled.
'A vampire who is a doctor,' Edward laughed.
'Yes, I know, today there was a girl who had an accident. Her parents where so thankfull that I saved her, they...
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a video I made, feat the gorge Kellan/Emmett :) I own nothing
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