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 Elle UK 2009
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This एमा वॉटसन चित्र contains चड्डी and leotards. There might also be नंगे पैर, pantyhose, चिपटनेवाला पैंट, चिपटनेवाला, पेंटीहॉस, स्किन्टाइट पैंट, स्किन्टाइट, skintight पैंट, skintight, होजरी, नली, तेंदुआ, unitard, शरीर सूट, बिल्ली सूट, लोटर्ड, यूनीडार्ड, and बॉडी सूट.

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"Dear Our Shared Shelf,

This book isn't strictly just a book - it's a play that became a political movement that became a world-wide phenomenon. Just say the शीर्षक The Vagina Monologues and, even now, twenty years after Eve Ensler first performed her ground-breaking show, the words feel radical. I'm very excited about spending the months of January and February पढ़ना and discussing a book/play that has literally changed lives.

The first person's life it changed was the feminist playwright Eve Ensler's. She says she didn't so much 'write' her play as act as a conduit for other women's...
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