एमा वॉटसन Emma Watson 5in5 आइकन Challenge - *Round 8 CLOSED*

LUNAFAN posted on Mar 31, 2011 at 05:39AM
I saw this on other spots and thought it would be fun to have it here too...Credits go to Anichu90v2..

Rules :

*Based on the 5 themes given, u have to make five icons.

*You have to make the icons yourself - No stealing allowed.And you can't post the same icon twice.

*In each round you have 5 icons in this form:
-4 Themed icons: Each icon with different theme.
-1 Artist's Choice icon : One theme for 1 icon.

*Icons must be squared.

*No animated icons.

*Plz don't vote for yourself.

*You'll get props for participating and winning:
-If you win a theme or artist's choice, you'll get 5 props.
-You'll get 2 props for participating as you are making 5 icons each round.

*If a person wins three or more categories, he/she will get to choose the four themes for the next round.(If the person don't message me in 2 days, then I'll decide it.)

Round 1:
1.link : Winner -Anichu90v2
2.link : Winner -Anichu90v2
3.link : Winner -demi--the--best
4.link : Winner -SelenaCantSing
5.link : Winner -BeautifulN

Round 2:
1.link : Winner -Anichu90v2
2.link : Winner -Martym
3.link : Winner -BeautifulN
4.link : Winner -Martym
5.link : Winner -Beatit

Round 3 :
1.link : Winner- BeautifulN
2.link : Winner- CullenSisters-X
3.link : Winner- situ123
4.link : Winner- caramelmilk
5.link : Winner- Beatit

Round 4:
1.link: Winner- caramelmilk
2.link: Winner- magsf99
3.link: link- Clavicula
4.link: Winner- Clavicula
5.link: link- caramelmilk

Round 5:
1.link: Winner- Clavicula
2.link: Winner- katherine1731
3.link: Winner- katherine1731
4.link: link- katherine1731
5.link: Winner- katherine1731

Round 6:
1.link: Winner- Clavicula
2.link: Winner- Clavicula
3.link: Winner- ChiffaniChan
4.link: Winner- Clavicula
5.link: Winner- ChiffaniChan

Round 7:
1.link: link- lumina_louella
2.link: Winner- katherine1731
3.link: Winner- Clavicula
4.link: link- katherine1731
5.link: link- lumina_louella

link: Five Icons from the SAME Image.
*1st place-
*2nd place-
*3rd place-

I thought a change would be nice for the next round.In this round, you could make five icons from the same image (With different cropping, lighting, colouring, text...etc.).So we won't have four separate themes and Artist's Choice for Round 8.

*We'll have only one pick for this round with all the icons together like it is usually done for the Category/ Artist's Choice in the 20in20 Icon Challenges.
*For this round, the props will be given as follows:
-1st place - 15 props
-2nd place - 10 props
-3rd place - 5 props
For participating - 2 props


If you have any suggestions, you could inform me. :)

If you have any questions, just message me.

Pls note : If you change any icon after submitting them (before the deadline), pls inform me, because I may not notice it.

Props Ranking :
1. katherine1731 - 36 props
2. Clavicula - 36 props
3. BeautifulN - 21 props
4. Anichu90v2 - 19 props
5. caramelmilk - 19 props
6. Beatit - 16 props
7. ChiffaniChan - 14 props
8. Martym - 14 props
9. lumina_louella - 12 props
10.SelenaCantSing - 11 props
11.CullenSisters-X - 11 props
12.demi--the--best - 9 props
13.situ123 - 9 props
14.magsf99 - 7 props
15.flowerdrop - 4 props
16.mdigs73 - 4 props
17.mandali - 4 props
18.Bangel90 - 2 props
19.xharrypotterx - 2 props
20.miss_orange - 2 props
21.XXwhy_meXX -2 props
22.123Naki456 - 2 props
23.twilightlover73 - 2 props
24.Zukania99 - 2 props
25.harry_ginny33 - 2 props
26.lostandhp4ever - 2 props
27.sun_shine - 2 props
28.Caro3672 - 2 props
29.el0508 - 2 props
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