After I read disneygirl7's लेख about how she came to like Elsa, I thought I'd write my own लेख about Frozen: about how I came to watch it.

So this was when फ्रोज़न had first come out, and there were all these trailers for it. At first, I had thought it wasn't a good movie, since the trailer had Sven and Olaf, which didn't appeal to me. But I have a प्रिय YouTuber, ZaiLetsPlay, that I watch all the time. Well, she went to England for क्रिस्मस and New Years Eve, since her boyfriend Ricky, a.k.a. Biggs87x, who's also a YouTuber, lived in England. On New Years Eve, they went to a movie theater and saw फ्रोज़न together.

When she came back to the U.S.,since she's from California, she uploaded a new video and talked about what the movie was about and how it was completely different from how she thought it was. She कहा she recommended it to all of her fans, and after watching the video, I asked my mom to see when there were any times that we could go see it. At first, we weren't having any luck. So I usually went onto the iPad and watched different scenes from the movie so I could get an idea of it. My personal प्रिय scene: Elsa on the mountain गाना 'Let It Go' and making her ice castle. I had shown the scene to her so she could get an idea of what the movie was like as well.

After a day, my mom found a time at the movie theater that wasn't sold out. We went to the theater, got our tickets, and went to the room where it was showing. After so many long movie previews, the movie started. I was loving it, it was really fun to see what it was like. I had cried through the part when Elsa and Anna's parents died at sea. But I got excited when Elsa was being crowned क्वीन of Arendelle. When Anna started arguing with Elsa and Elsa accidentally showed her powers, I was shocked. But then, the mountain scene came up and my mom leaned over and whispered "Your प्रिय scene." I got a shiver of excitement and the song started. And after watching that scene over and over again on the iPad, I pretty much knew how 'Let It Go' went, and I wasn't the only person गाना it in the theater. I could hear tons of other kids गाना the song, letting their voices be heard.

I continued to प्यार the movie, and when the part came that Anna froze from Elsa's powers, you'd expect people to cry a bit, which is what happened to me. Until the very last scene, I was hanging on to everything that was happening. But when the lights came back up, I slumped back into my seat, processing everything. It was a pretty good movie, I had loved it. Since then, whenever I see something फ्रोज़न related, I have to check it out. Every time I hear फ्रोज़न songs, I sing a long of course. I'm super excited for फ्रोज़न 2 to come out.
ZaiLetsPlay & Biggs87x(Ricky, Zai's boyfriend)
I just प्यार her magic powers, they're SO cool!!
I found this on Google, absolutely loved it, I just had to include it in my article:)
Keep Calm and प्यार Elsa**