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**•How To Make Skyrim Run Better On PS3!•**

Tired of the game-breaking lag with your 20meg Skyrim save files? Here is a guide to help prevent these issues:

1) "Deleting Excess Save Files"

•Go to "Save Data Utility" on the XMB & check how many Skyrim saves आप have. If आप have और then three, मिटाइए them. आप must only have three saves maximum. Also make sure to मिटाइए any "Auto-Saves."

2) "Freeing Up HDD Space"

•Check how many GBs आप have left on your console. Go to "Settings," "System Setting" & then open "System Information." It will दिखाना आप how many GBs आप have used and...
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Skyrim Fans...try Hunted: the Demon's Forge!

(#*This लेख is NOT द्वारा me*#)

"A really great game that cam out this साल from Bethesda and InXile was Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Despite good exposure at E3 and other venues, sort of premiered as Gears of War medieval style (3rd person with cover system), Hunted did not do as well as developers had hoped. In a साल full of big name franchise releases, if आप weren't paying close attention to game releases, it was easy to overlook any of them.

As I have been playing Skyrim, I have been seeing alot of similarities in style to Hunted...the difference...
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**•Battlemage Build Tips!**

•Use a one-handed weapon (Sword/Axe/Mace) and a DEFENSIVE spell in the other for mid-range combat. (Use frost against warriors & shock/lightning against mages.) This is because the weapon deals enough "offensive" damage, while the "defensive" spell weakens enemies, giving आप time to attack. When the enemy is affected द्वारा the spell आप just cast, run up and smash them up with your weapon. When you're out of stamina, just switch back to your magic. Repeat this until your foe is defeated. If आप do have plenty of stamina, just do a power attack if they're...
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**•How To Lower Save File Sizes In Skyrim•**

Are आप getting bloated save files at 20-90 Megs? Is your precious Skyrim that you've spent 500+ hours slowing down? Don't worry! There's an easy but time-consuming solution to this!

•Unfavourite "favourite" items that you've left in chests and दिया to followers.

•Dump any hoarded items from your house/s and some accumulating items that आप give to followers in "re spawning items" such as: dead bandit bodies, giant's corpses या a container that आप don't own. Eventually, these items will disappear from your save file after just a few in-game...
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(#NOT द्वारा ME#)

After the cut you'll find all 24 Stones of Barenziah locations in Skyrim.

Search the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. In the first room of the Catacombs on the left दीवार near a skeleton you'll find a stone.

Search the Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, you'll find a stone in Kodlak’s room.

In the House of Clan Shattershield in Windhelm, you'll find the stone in the first upstairs bedroom to your left.

North of Ansilvund and southeast of Windhelm you'll find a cave called Stony Creek Cave. You'll find the stone in the Bandit Wizard's cavern.

In the Palace of Kings in Windhelm, you'll find the...
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posted by usmc0119
To begin आप should choose the orc race although it's your choice but the orc is probably the best warrior race to begin with. Because they get a +10 Heavy Armor, +5 Enchanting, Smithing, Block, Two-Handed, One-Handed
Berserker Rage : आप take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds.
As आप can see they are exceptional warriors. When आप leave Helgen which if आप have not played it is the first place आप start at after आप leave travel down the road and your going to want to get the warrior stone. Which आप learn all combat skills 20% faster.
This is very important to get because ounce...
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**•Classic Warrior Build Tips!•**

•You need a weapon in one hand such as a: Sword, Axe या Mace with a shield in the other. आप can either do a "shield-bash" या a "power attack" to stagger your opponent whilst making time for आप to effectively slice them up. आप could also use a bow for taking out enemies at a distance, then switching back to your shield & melee weapon of choice as they approach you. If आप want to deal double damage, dual-wielding is a great option! It's really effective with groups of enemies (especially with the perks: "Dual Flurry" & "Dual Savagery")...
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Hello Dovahkiins! I'm Zylice and I will be लेखन article-guides about some of the different character builds in Skyrim! I have a सूची below of some of the classes & builds I'll be लेखन guides for. When they're published, they may not be organised द्वारा order of submission. That is why I will name each one with: #1, #2, #3 etc. It does not matter which order आप read them. Just have a look at the archetypes that interest आप and/or read them in order of submission if आप wish! *^_^*

#NOTE: These are NOT "roleplaying" guides, these are simply "power-levelling guides." If आप want to ignore...
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**•Pure Mage Build•**

•Use Destruction spells and/or staves to either freeze, burn या shock your enemies. आप can either dual-cast to deal और damage, या आप could have a healing spell in the one hand whilst having a defensive spell/staff in the other. This is a good idea if आप don't have many health potions. (Even though आप should really stock up on those. They can be a huge life-saver for several occasions!)

#Health, Stamina & Magicka:
•When your health gets low in combat, आप can either use health potions and/or healing spells. As a mage with light equipment, आप do...
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posted by Tawnyjay
First off, I would like to say that I understand if आप think Astrid’s a filthy traitor and liar, but please, hear me out.
Astrid is a strong character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She’s a bit creepy and mysterious, but I think she’s honestly और of a victim than anything.
Astrid tells आप in the game that she killed her uncle, and liked it. She is bloodthirsty, but I think there’s और to this than what meets the eye.
She was probably abused and hurt द्वारा her uncle, and was terrified of him. When she finally got up the courage, she managed to get hold of a weapon and kill him, run...
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posted by crazeefish
The Elder Scrolls told of Their Return.

The Empire of Tamriel is on the edge.
The High King of Skyrim has been murdered.
Alliances form as claims to the सिंहासन are made.
In the midst of this conflict, a far और dangerous, ancient evil is awakened.
Dragons, long लॉस्ट to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel.
The future of Skyrim, even the Empire itself, hangs in the balance as they wait for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons.

From "http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim/"
Best Destruction Gear:

Master Destruction Robes/Daedric Armor Of Peereless Destruction.

Daedric/Ebony/Dragon हेलमेट of Pereless Destruction.

Hands: Ebony/Daedric/Dragon Gauntlets Of Extra Magic +21.

Feet: Ebony/Daedric Boots Of Resist Frost.

Other: हार (-10 cost), Ring (-10 cost)

Standing Stones: Atronach Stone (+50 Magicka, absorb 50% spells, Magicka regens at -50%.)

Apprentice Stone: (Magicka regens 2x faster, but twice as vulnerable to spells.) *•But with armor that doesn't really matter!*•
posted by zylice
My Skyrim Rules!

Looking for a deeper Skyrim experience? Here are some rules that can improve your role-playing experience.

सवालों can help deepen your experience when you're not busy completing quests. Is there a particular race या type of person that your character doesn't particularly like? Does your character have any weird habits like only eating raw meat या traveling only at night? Are they religious? Do आप place offerings at the shrines? Do they have a tendency to overindulge in drink या sweetrolls? Do they collect skulls या pottery? There are literally hundreds of सवालों that...
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The first and most exciting thing revealed is that आप can indeed ride ड्रॅगन्स as we speculated about previously. The DLC apparently includes an achievement called DragonRider that is unlocked द्वारा taming and riding five dragons. What's still unclear though is whether आप can ride ड्रॅगन्स anywhere; the isle of Solstheim where the DLC takes place and आप can buy a house has its own map separate from the rest of Skyrim, which may mean it's the only place you'll be able to take to the skies.
While spears are now in the game they only appear to be usable द्वारा enemies; if looted they're added to the...
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posted by zylice
In this topic, everyone can share their ideas of what makes role-playing fun for them and explain the things that they do. I have made a सूची of some of the things that I do which have been inspired द्वारा pages that I will leave लिंक्स to at the bottom.

If you're a PC player, please leave some mod suggestions that can help increase people's immersion! :)
(I will suggest some mods below my own 'rules.')

Here are some of my ideas:

- Only make choices and do whatever your character would do. (#•Stay in character no matter what आप would do.•#)

- Make a journal to record the major happenings,...
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posted by Tawnyjay
I cowered as my uncle walked into the room.
He glared at me. “Girl, wash up. We’re going into town, and you’re paying for my mead.”
With a wave, my hated uncle went out into the hallway.
I thought about just standing there, refusing to go watch him get drunk, but I knew that would be a terrible idea. Don’t want to keep him waiting, I thought sadly as I hurried to pick up the leather bag of money I had earned द्वारा doing small jobs around Dawnstar.
I slipped on my shoes and ran outside to find my uncle already there, his fat face scowling at me. I trembled. My mother had been kind and...
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Realistic Roleplaying Tips:

Slow down! आप don't need to run/jump everywhere. Take a walk in the forests.
If आप do run while आप travel, take the occasional rest.
Only travel in good weather. If आप must travel in poor weather, wear appropriate attire. Consider running to find a camp या cave to wait out the storm.
If आप come across a village, don't keep going. Unless you're doing something important, stop by. See how the livestock and townspeople are doing.
Spend nights in inns या taverns. If आप are caught in the wilderness at night, stop द्वारा the side of the road as if आप were camping.
For players...
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posted by Tawnyjay
I felt my दिल become a bit colder. A bit crueler. A bit और dangerous. And a lot और bloodthirsty.
I smiled, studying the bloodstained bed. I spun my blade in my hands.
Little Astrid was changing with every second.
I then heard a guard knocking at the door, and my दिल stopped. I glanced around hurriedly, panic starting.
“Enryk? आप there?” The female voice made my hands tremble again. “I heard आप scream while I was walking by…”
I remembered a window in the hallway near my closet. If I could just get up there…
I hurried quietly, meaning to be silent. Luck was on my side.
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posted by Tawnyjay
I stumbled out of बिस्तर when my uncle started howling.
He was still in the doorway, in our main room. He clumsily got to his feet as I approached apprehensively.
“Girl, make me some breakfast and then get your नितंब, गधा down to Fenia’s place.”
I got an सेब and some goat cheese out of the cupboard, took a small चाकू from the table, and sliced the सेब into wedges. I spread the creamy cheese onto it and placed it अगला to my uncle.
I quickly hurried out of the door and into the snow. The wind swept my golden hair behind my back, and I hoped Fenia would have me work inside.
I slid down a slope...
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Name: Mala gra-Khazgur

Race: Orc

Age: 18

Hair style: Bald, small grayish black ponytail going down the middle.

Eyes: Blue eyes with light blue war paint going over them

Armor of choice: Heavy Armor, wears Imperial Armor mostly.

Weapon of choice: Greatswords, uses Orcish greatsword mostly.

No one knows where she came from या who her parents are, she was just found out side of Mor Khazgur at a young age. She was taken in द्वारा Shuftharz, who named her Mala after the glass stone, for her lovely green skin and strong personality.

About her:
She is strong-headed and stubborn, but also brave. She was...
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