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Hair Products Needed to Get Robert’s Look
•Matte styling product, such as American Crew Fiber. Fiber is a paste-like, strong-hold product that is extremely pliable. It is ideal to create Robert’s bed-head look without looking too perfect.
•Round hair brush, such as Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Round Brush. These brushes come in S, M, L, and XL sizes. Choose a size depending on hair length. Shorter than Robert’s? Use a smaller size. Hair the same length as Robert’s will need a M या L.
•Blow dryer, such as Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Dry v.1. This dryer has a low...
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Okay so this chapter is my favourite and I think आप are going to enjoy (crossed fingers) it! Okay so just remeber to leave your feedback-it's always great to see it.

Alice wouldn’t let me go until she and Rosalie had दिया me a complete makeover; I didn’t complain though, it was nice to have girl time. Jacob gave me a dazzling smile as I walked back into the living room a full घंटा later, he and Emmet and jasper had probably been chatting about some new turbo engine.
“Wow आप look... amazing,” Jacob breathed as I walked into his open arms while Emmet wolf...
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posted by zeimed8
NAME: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
DATE OF BIRTH: June 20, 1901
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Chicago, Illinois
EYE COLOR: Green (human); gold/black (vampire)
HEIGHT: 6‘2"
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Edward is thin and lanky but muscular. He has untidy
bronze hair and boyish looks.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: He can read the thoughts of anyone in close proximity to him,
with the exception of Bella Cullen.
EDUCATION/OCCUPATION: He has two medical degrees but has never worked as a
doctor. His other graduate degrees are...
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Title: Ten बिना सोचे समझे facts about Edward Cullen
Pairing: Edward/Bella, all other canon Cullen pairings implied
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ten things about Edward.
A/N: Again, this goes beyond the format, but I see no way of cutting it down, so it's staying as is *g*

1) Edward’s first thought, upon awakening from death, is that he’s gone to hell, deep down into the fiery pit where pain is everlasting and the damned quench their thirst in rivers that overflow with blood. He’s felt its eternal fires burning him from the inside out, flaring in his ruby eyes even after the pain has faded and left him feeling...
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These are my fave Edward कोट्स from the Eclipse book.Enjoy them and fall in प्यार with Edward all over again.

I’ll let आप pay me back, if that makes आप happy. If आप want, I can charge आप interest.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.22

There’s no hurry. I won’t let anyone hurt you. आप can take all the time आप need.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.25

I’ll never forgive myself for leaving you. Not if I live a hundred thousand years.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.33

I don’t know how to phrase this properly. It’s going to sound cruel, I suppose. But I’ve come too...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
This not any of my work all rights go to Jessica L

I have been hearing Esme struggle to remember things about her human life lately. Some of them were about the baby she had, and some of them were about her parents and her childhood. Most were normal things a person- या vampire- would want to remember from their life. Some of them, however, seemed rather upsetting. So I sat down with Esme, my vampire mother of sorts, and had a very heartwarming talk. She told me many things, in them I learned the story of her past.

When Esme was a child, she was fairly happy, sheltered, and had no real...
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I was walking down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट and I see a Volvo, well...to my embarasment I squealed like a little girl...(sad?) I was पढ़ना Eclipse in school and Edward did some thing....well आप know, Edwardie. I giggled and blushed. My exboyfriend कहा I was obsessed when I gave him glitter...now आप know why he's my Ex....(heh, sorry E.S.) My teacher told us to write an essay on a topic आप strongly believe in and आप can take sides on...I yelled Edward can woop Jacob...My friend who dresses like Alice says I am addicted...Maybe I am but at least I admit it. :)
posted by morganlafey
I had a really altering experience पढ़ना the Twilight series, one that got me thinking about the possibility that Edward Cullen could in fact actually be a real being. I have a background in psychic phenomena and the origin mythologies of various species, so I decided to write an लेख exploring this idea. I want to share it with all the other Twilight fans, women young and old, although it is too long to प्रकाशित करे here. I hope that प्रशंसकों of the Twilight Series enjoy it.



Stephenie Meyer, acclaimed लेखक of the international bestselling young adult series Twilight, may just be...
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This not any of my work all rights go to Jessica L
I just thought it was pretty good I am going to be doing all the pages as well =]

I cant hardly stand it- this life of mine. If आप can call it a life. I don't know how Carlisle can take it. Well, I do actually, because I've heard it in his thoughts. He sees the world so much differently than I do. If he had known for even one सेकंड the disdain for which I would have held this life, he never would have saved me.

Keeping this promise to my mother was the worst thing he has ever done. I have nothing to live this eternal life for. It has...
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posted by marthatsal
I found this लेख in "The Modler-Life,Love,Fashion and Randomness" but i couldn't post the link here so i decided to copy the article! Here it is!

Edward Cullen! The Perfect Man!

A few years पूर्व when I kept hearing about Twilight this and Twilight that, I thought it was another lame Harry Potter-esque book for 12 and unders. How can anything about वैंपायर and वेयरवोल्फ be taken seriously after all? The और momentum the Twilight saga gained, the और curious I became. What was all this fuss about? So finally I asked a classmate who had read the पुस्तकें why she thought they were causing such...
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"We may consider that It's almost Impossible to get what we are asking from God Since Long.. But Its NOT always Impossible.. आप got to Believe it, आप Never know that आप can Actually get what आप desire.."

It was a Typical Sunday Morning for Me.. though It was the Valentine's दिन for all Others. I was still in my बिस्तर as always as I was working late last night.. My Alarm rang so Loud & I stretched in My Bed. I knew I got to Endure this दिन because we may say all the Time that We're Happy for our फ्रेंड्स & everyone that they are so Truly in Love, But somewhere Deep inside ourself, We'll...
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I found those reason online, i didn't come up with none of them but when i read this post i thought i was great and SO TRUE! I am an Edward Cullen Lover, if आप like him too i think you're gonna enjoy this! Please feel free to add your reason "Why Women प्यार Edward Cullen" if आप have some!

Reasons why women प्यार Edward Cullen

*A normal guy would say: I प्यार आप baby
Edward Cullen would say: आप are my life now

*As आप leave the house a normal guy would say: Bye See ya!
Edward Cullen would say: Hurry back to me

*While you've gone far away, a normal guy would say: I miss आप
Edward Cullen would say: It's like you've taken half myself with आप

*If आप died, a normal guy would find another
Edward Cullen would kill himself because "life without आप isn't worth living"
I dont have much to say today but I hope आप enjoy this chapter as I put loads of thought and hardwork into it. once again I hope आप enjoy it and chapter 16 is on the way * i promise...*

The wind blowing through my hair was an exhilarating feeling. Jasper had taught me how to ride his bike a couple of months ago; I was surprised when he कहा yes because he was usually quite responsible. I hadn’t been much good at first but after a few hours I had got the hang of it, no one else knew that I could ride his bike and it was nice to be able to take it out for a private...
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Sorry this chapter has taken so long -my computer brok so I had to re write it!!!- but enjoy!

Running, breathing, living, hunting, fighting and Jake. These were the only five words running through my head right now. We hadn’t been running long and I was still at the front of the वृत्त with Jake. As we ran I could almost smell the danger approaching us. I knew that the others were trying not to दिखाना their anxiety around me but I knew that these newborns weren’t as new any और and were becoming better fighters द्वारा the day.
“Stop,” I herd Alice call from behind me, “The newborns...
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This Chapter is dedicated to PC, a great friend. Thanks for all the support...x

There were people rushing about everywhere but I could distinguish the difference between my vampire family and my werewolf family but the almost invisible flashes of light and the और slow galloping thuds of my werewolf’s footsteps. Kate stood in the middle of Alice’s massive bathroom whilst Rose, Alice, Mum, Tanya and I all applied her makeup, pulled her hair up into an elegant bun and literally made every surface of her body look even और beautiful than usual- which is extremely hard with a vampire. Esme...
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posted by vampireempire
Official contest launches Saturday June 26, 2010.


Submission topic 'Why I प्यार Edward Cullen' या 'Why I Want Edward Cullens Ring' या anything about EDWARD CULLEN may consist of any ORIGINAL content including fanfiction, fanart, कविता and या your personal reason/story.


The Edward Cullens ring as decribed in the Twilight saga is yellow सोना however the winner of the contest will have their choice of either white सोना या yellow.

This is going to be FUN, FUN, FUN!

Contest begins Saturday June 26, 2010 and ends Sunday July 11, 2010.

Good Luck!
posted by JennyRocker197
1."New Divide"-Linkin Park
2."Animal I Have Become"-Three Days Grace
3."Smells Like Team Spirit"-Nirvana
4."Running Up That Hill"-Placebo
5."Animal"-Neon Trees
6."Blue and Yellow"-The Used
7."Welcome To The Black Parade"-My Chemical Romance
8."Sexy Back"-Justin Timberlake
9."Come Home"-OneRepublic
10."Look After You"-The Fray
11."Grenade"-Bruno Mars
12."Weightless"-All Time Low
13."So Cold"-Breaking Benjamin
14."Pages"-There For Tomorrow
15."Stay Out"-Hit The Lights
17."My Eyes Burn"-Matchbook Romance
18."Breath Today"-Flyleaf
19."Sink Into Me"-Taking Back Sunday
20."Die Romantic"-Aiden
21."Breath Into Me"-Red

Those are the songs that remind me of Edward, make me think of Edward all of those things. In the Midnight Sun Playlist that Stephanie Meyer made I only used one song, which is the सेकंड one on the list.
The throbbing electricity made it feel like I had a pulse again. My body sang with it. Like I was human. और than anything in the world I wanted to feel the heat of her lips against mine. For one सेकंड I struggled to find the strength, the control, to able to put my mouth so close to her skin ..

Edward Cullen; Midnight Sun, Complications

Emmett was fuming over a wrestling match he’d लॉस्ट to Jasper during the night. It would take all his limited patience to make it to the end of the school दिन to orchestrate a rematch. I never really felt intrusive hearing Emmett’s thoughts, because he never...
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posted by AngelicaCullen
"Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!"an ache spread through my body at incredible speed."Oh crap!!!!!Carlisle!!!"Jacob screamed.I just sat there helpless as a squirming form tried to bare from my body on its own."Its ok baby..."I mumbled to my stomach.And as I layed down my sight went black and screaming filled the silence.
I opened my eyes to see red blooded carpet surrounding me.Hot tears stained my face.There was no sound.....
I walked through the house,my feet staining the porceline-like layout.My head ached and I wished to lay down and REST.But then a thought came to me.Wheres the baby?
posted by edward_twilight
Well okay im a little freaked because yesterday coming out of Save On Foods i saw a rusty old Chevy reddish colour truck but going in i saw a shiny silver volvo.Im also going to a school thats घर of the SPARTANS like bellas school and im taking biology and im the new junior and there's this super hot boy i sit beside he has bronze hair and every thing and then he left he कहा he went on vacation but his eye's where a fabulous brown honey colour he कहा it was natrul but i couldnt see at first cuz of the clouds...but im not sure now he's like we cant be फ्रेंड्स and stuff and im like okay but we kinda are...IM LIVING TWILIGHT!!!OMG