एड्वर्ड और बेला Melissa Rosenberg Script

windwalker posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 03:46PM
I goolged edwards wedding ring for eclipse movie when I clicked on it it brought me to face book and there it had the 26th page, the ending of a script supposedly written by rosenberg, just the ending and I wanted to know if anybody else has seen it and what they think about it. It could be just someone who copied jackson's rathbones leaked script, just the last page and stuck it on their facebook page. who knows.Also I wanted to find out if anybody has heard they got rid the editor of the eclispe movie and replaced him, that worries me because I am a huge fan of E&B that I hope they did not screw up the ending. that will be bad not to mention throws off the whole story. Does anybody have any opions on this.

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