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posted by KatiiCullen94
ok,,, this might rattle some nerves for some... and im sorry for that...

I stepped out of the शावर, शॉवर feeling the water running down my bruises, this was the con of consorting with a vampire. it was worth it.
Alice was already ready to drag into town and spend, spend, spend, yipee,, this is most sarcasism ive ever used.
Edward had promised to care for Tanna while im out, and i still dont know what आप get him.. hmm . lets just hope i get some inspiration when we get there.
And with me knowing Alice too well she has already placed my outfit ready for me.
I push the door gentley, praying emmett...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
हे guys, Thanks for all the great टिप्पणियाँ :) Hope आप guys are enjoying my story. Please comment!!!

Bella's POV

"Why not!?" I asked getting a little pissed off now.
"Well आप see Bella" Tash paused "The thing is... I haven't told आप everything that आप need to know"
"What do आप mean? Why didn't आप tell me?" I asked getting confused again.
"Well see I was going to tell आप but आप passed out" She told me.
"Has this got something to do with, Why you're dressed up in old fashioned clothes? And why at least half of you're house is old fashioned? Because this has been really bugging me!"
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posted by CarlislesLover
Another new fanfic.
Hope आप like it.

I’d been a vampire for almost two months now. Nobody in my family thought I had a power, but the truth is I do. I just don’t want to tell anyone though. I could make the dead rise. I know it sounds pretty creepy but I find it amazing. I’d seen Royce, Rosalie’s ex fiancé. He seemed a nice guy, he told me he didn’t like Rosalie as it always had to be her, her, her. I’d met Edward’s mum, she was nutty, we’re great फ्रेंड्स and I’m glad I have this talent to meet her. I hadn’t met Edwards’s dad yet though. I’d met Alice’s brother...
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posted by xroylex
i couldn`t get her out og my heaad she was all i could think abput and right there i knew something was up i had enought room to think about a lot of stuff but thats all that was going threw it.
finally the final घंटी, बेल there was one thing i needed to do before i meet the curiouse thoughts of my siblings. i when to the front office a little faster then normal people did ha normail. miss coup i asked in the sweetest voise "i was wondering if आप could help me" she turn he is just a kid she thought just a kid this was going to be easie "yess" she asked i stared deep into her eyes "will i be able...
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posted by JennyRocker197
I got a bunch of beauty magizines from the drugstore and make-up, normally I don't care about appearences but today at school I was in the bathroom and a girl came out of the stall and walked over to the mirror and got her पर्स out to put on make-up and she turned to me and कहा "Hey your Isabella right?" and I turned "Bella" I corrected her but she just ignored it "So are आप the one dating Edward Cullen?" and I कहा "Yeah why do आप ask?" and she कहा this in one straight sentence "It's just that he is so good looking and handsome and आप are...nothing just an average looking person and...
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I gawked at how big this tub was आप could probably fit half the school in here maybe even more. I went over to the monster tub and looked inside to saw rose pedals in the water I dipped my finger in the water and it felt nice and warm, I felt a chuckle and cold arms लपेटें around me and a किस on the back of my neck "Hello love" I heard a velvety voice say I turned around and my face was an inch away from Edward's beutiful one. Edward looked nic- very nice tonight he had on all black and I wanted to ask
"Edward why are आप wearing all black?"
He smirked and कहा "You कहा something in your sleep...
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My name is Isabella Swan, and today I met Edward Cullen.

I was placed अगला to him in Bio, as soon as I sat down he moved his chair away from me and crinkled up his nose like their was a disgusting smell, I subtly गलाना, पिघलता my hair, it wasn’t me, so what could the smell be? No one else was doing it, just him.

As soon as the घंटी, बेल rang he was out of the classroom before anyone was out of their seats, I had to go to the admissions office to order some पुस्तकें and he was there, asking to change classes, this made me angry, he hadn’t even spoken to me and he had already made his mind up, he hated me,...
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posted by Robssesed
Ok so I have been लेखन this since Bellward's anniversary but i couldn't think of anything for the last line so i would like to say a big massive shout out and thank आप to my sister Cheri for the help of the last line.

B eloved marrage is now one साल old
E verlasting and special if truth may be told
एल aughter and fun all in one साल
एल oving and protecting Renesmee with a प्यार so sincere
W onderful couple till death do they part
A ctually death was only the start
R avishing beauty straight from the दिल
Dazzling each other right from start

please fan! and comment
posted by JennyRocker197
1."Jar of Hearts"-Christina Perri
2."Sympathy"-Goo Goo Dolls
3."One Last Breath"-Creed
4."Here Without You"-3 Doors Down
5."All I Wanted"-Paramore
6."You Could Be Happy"-Snow Patrol
7."You And Me"-Lifehouse
8."Sparks Fly"-Taylor Swift
9."Hesitate"-Stone Sour
10."Kiss Me"-Sixpence None The Richer
11."All I Need"-Within Temptation
13."Six Feet Under The Stars"-All Time Low
14."Just The Way आप Are"-Bruno Mars
15."Beauty Of The Dark"-Mads Langer
16."How Do आप प्यार Someone"-Ashley Tisdale
17."Teenage Dream"-Katy Perry
18."Tara's Theme"-Gone With The Wind(I know it's not really a song but it's beautiful)
19."Awakening"-Secret Garden
20."Just Tonight"-The Pretty Reckless
21."How Soon Is Now?"-Love Spit Love
22."If I Had A Heart"-Fever Ray
23."We Own The Sky"-M83

I प्यार alot of these songs there all so beautiful; just like Edward and Bella.
Edwards Pov
I just can't get Bella out of my head! I can't stop thinking about her! The way we danced, and moved together and fitted together.It was like... we meant to be together. If only our families didn't hate eachother. When we got back , the सेकंड I tried to mention it; they hated the thought. And today we had a family meeting. Why must fate do this to me? It's so not fair...
" आप know the past..." Esme began. Oh no! Here it comes. I can feel it. " Edward danced with Bella हंस last night and आप know the history Edward." Carlise stepped in. All my siblins just stared at me. It's so...
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Today was the mother of all romantic holidays, Valintines दिन now that I have a boyfriend I can spend it without Renee sitting with me on the सोफ़ा, सोफे watching '10 Things I Hate About You' with a giant bowel of ice cream.

The sun was out so he and his family had to stay home, they should have seen all of the kids that gave me फूल and कैन्डी but I refused them and I kicked Mike in the nuts द्वारा accident because he snuck up on me, so he is out of school for a week.

Charlie wasn't घर and he left me a note that he would be gone for the weekend to go fishing down in La Push and also in the letter...
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Hello female प्रशंसकों of the Twilight book series! We are inviting आप to take part in an online study that investigates your general attitudes and beliefs about the characters in the book and about your own life and relationships. The survey will take about 20-30 मिनटों to complete. To participate, आप must meet the following requirements:
1. आप are female
2. आप are currently romantically attached (i.e. आप are dating someone, in a relationship, या married).
3. आप have read all four Twilight series पुस्तकें at least once.
4. आप have proficiency in the English language.

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posted by KatiiCullen94
I was soo bored, flicking through the channels was pointles i knew i diddnt want to watch tv anyway. the room was soo quiet, i diddnt like it.
edward had woken me up a little while पूर्व explaining that his family was going out for about घंटा and a bit for hunting,so i was घर alone with Tanna. i couldn't hear Tanna दिखाना that she was awake, thank god.
i stood up and walked oout the door still wearing yesterdays clothes, now considering that im still human and i still have cravings like one, i went straight to the cupboard, and searched for the first thing that कहा PIG OUT! I also wanted to...
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posted by gwen5890
i ameant i hate u when u frist came here but now we are giong to be sister from now on rosalie and i froze that time and she started to shake me when i said;who are u?and i didn't know her until edward came and said;keep yourself क्लैम bella don't scream okay and i just then fell to the floor and they got carlisle to get me in the car but i was so shock at she told me the truth and then i said;hey can u help me up please!but then charlie cameto their house and i grab him द्वारा the कमीज, शर्ट until i realize who he and said;dad!and edward said;bella can u tell me what rosalie said;about u well she wants...
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I know it’s been a while since I updated but I have just been so busy with college work and this is the only spare night that I have had off, so here we go again, last chapter Edward had a huge argument with Rosalie over the way she treated Bella at Charlie’s funeral and Bella decided she wanted to be a part of the Cullen family, forever, how will Edward react?

It was three days later and Bella didn’t know how to approach the subject of becoming a vampire with Edward, he knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, mortal या immortal.

‘’We need to talk, it’s important’’...
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Ever since I’d become aware of the fact that Edward was a vampire I didn’t know what to think, was I to be scared? या was I to be relieved that he could contain his thirst for my blood?

He’d told me the very अगला दिन that his family knew that I knew their secret, Rosalie wasn’t happy, she thought I would go and tell everyone and they would all be found out, Edward put her straight, Rosalie didn’t like me and I didn’t know why, she didn’t even know me, she probably didn’t like the fact that I was coming between her perfect family. They were perfect, in every sense of the word,...
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posted by Laurl23
Its Full On War People!!!!!! Are आप ready to fight? Stand up for what आप believe in? Will people turn backs on आप and shun आप down for what आप believe in? Well here it is I am Laurl23 and I am starting a full on Harry Potter VS. Twilight on फैन्पॉप War. आप may hate me for it आप my प्यार me या like me for but the truth is all I want to see is are आप truly a Harry Potter प्रशंसक या are आप a huge Twilight Fan. आप can’t like both, आप might say आप do, but deep inside your only in प्यार with one of these amazing series. This war will include: Actors and अभिनेत्रियों Wars from each movie, The...
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You’re on the phone with your girlfriend she is upset she is going off about something that u कहा she doesn’t get your humor like I do
I’m in the room it’s a typical Tuesday night I’m listening to THE kinda संगीत she doesn’t like & she’ll never know YOUR story like I do

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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
हे guys, Thank आप all for your support!!! Sorry it took me so long to write. I had a lot of homework. And sorry I left आप guys on a cliffhanger for so long. This is dedicated to 3434girl, Thank आप for all your support! प्यार ya!

Bella's POV

As I walked over too the single बिस्तर I woke up in, I wasn't feeling well, it must have been from hitting my head twice, why did I have to be such a Klutz? The Vampire sat down, I sat crossed legged अगला to her.
"So bella, I know आप probably want to ask me a thousand सवालों right now but before आप do i just want to say something first, if that's okay?"...
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posted by AbbyEloise
edward walked into the room full of sparkling twilidos, he gasped. omg i am famous! and he walked out of the store. but then marshmellow came. and कहा i am और famous then yiu bitch, everyone loves me और and hates me और cunt! edward was appaled and the marshmellows mentioned behaveer he got upset and tried to cry but no tear came. bella waltzed up and screamed at marchslellow and eat him! he died melting sugar in her vagina. edward cry more. she लॉस्ट her virgin to a fucking stupid gelatine sugar marshwlleow. he dumped her than. and bought her a twildo for compfrot and surcurety and he...
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