This first part I got the idea from the Corset Scene in कुरोशितसूजी so I just want आप guys to know that I didn't come up with the first part.

"Edward...please" I panted through loud gasps

"Just hold on Bella, that's right be a ब्रेव girl" he कहा softly

"I can't hold on much longer" I कहा through और gasps

"Bella प्यार I'm trying to be as gentle as possible" he कहा softly again

I did but I still couldn't breath "Edward please are आप trying to kill me!"

"I doubt anybody has ever died from a corset before" he laughed

God this hurt anybody who has ever got a corset put on I feel bad for and द्वारा Edward. If आप think of Scarlett O'hara and her 17 inch waist, think of how many tugs.

"All done" he said, and I walked या tried to; I stumbled with Edward catching me.

He sat me back up so I could look at the rest of the outfit.

"You know Bella I could just eat आप up in that outfit" Edward said

"Literally या metaphorically?" I कहा jokingly

"A little of both, me thinking of आप in that corset on a silver थाली या me ravishing आप on a giant बिस्तर in the middle of a war, I can't decide which one I like more" he grinned like the Chesire cat I saw in "Alice in Wonderland".

"Edward don't आप have a place to be?" I asked him so that I could change in this dress without him looking at me like I'm something to munch on.

"No" he कहा while sitting on his chair

"Well I want to change into this dress in peace so can आप just go hang out with Emmett या Jasper या Alice maybe Rosalie" I कहा trying to get him out of the room.

"Love none of my is here they all went to see "Inception" remember" he said

Oh crap

I looked at the dress and lifted up the स्कर्ट to turn it around "Can't आप go down-stairs and watch TV या something like that?"

"Sorry प्यार but no" He कहा

"Why not?" I asked turning around to see him.

"Because why would I when plenty of my entertainment is right here" he grinned

"What if I कहा if आप didn't आप would be on the सोफ़ा, सोफे tonight" I dared

His eyes widened "You wouldn't"

"Try me" I dared him again

He dashed out of the room and closed the door

Thats right go Bella go Bella; I heard the TV get really loud with some sort of mindless show.

I pulled the rest of this dress on and when I finished I looked at myself in the mirror, the dress did look like something out of Gone With The Wind, something Scarlett O'hara would die for.

I made my way down the stairs and got my satisfaction from Edward when his eyes nearly came out of his head he came he came over to me and put his arms around my waist "Bella आप know what blue on आप does to me"

With that he lifted me to the सोफ़ा, सोफे and started चुंबन me in many other ways then he was going down my neck and my head was on the edge of the सोफ़ा, सोफे going off.

"Hi guys"

I opened my eyes to see Edward's entire family standing right there.

"I thought me and Rose usually took role-playing to an extreme" Emmett laughed

I was going to die